Does Amazon Repair Kindles? (All You Need To Know)

One of Amazon’s most loved products that allow customers access to thousands of books in one place is the Amazon Kindle.

However, if your device has broken or has significant damage, you might be wondering if Amazon repairs Kindles. Here is what I discovered!

Does Amazon Repair Kindles?

Amazon will repair Kindles or replace them if they are covered under their 90-day or One-Year Limited Warranty. Additionally, if the damage to the Kindle was done by the fault of the customer, then Amazon will not repair the device. Instead, a third-party repair shop might be the next solution for repairing a Kindle reader.

If you’d like to learn more about Amazon’s Kindle repair warranty, their policy for replacing broken Kindles, other Kindle repair services, and more, keep reading!

Does Amazon Replace Broken Kindles?

In most cases, Amazon will generally offer to replace a broken Kindle with a new model.

Typically, Amazon may not replace a broken Kindle if the damage was caused by the Kindle owner. However, this may vary depending on the customer service center customers are dealing with.

One Amazon customer had a Kindle replaced multiple times despite the damage being caused by them personally. However, this may not occur for all customers.

Amazon will replace a broken Kindle as long as the warranty on the original device is still valid! After the warranty times out, customers may be given a discount to purchase a new Kindle.

What is Amazon’s Kindle Repair Warranty?

What is Amazon’s Kindle Repair Warranty?

Amazon’s repair services will vary slightly depending on the warranty for their device. If customers own a Kindle, they are usually granted a One-Year Limited Warranty.

Additionally, customers who have purchased an older generation Kindle may only be eligible for a 90-day warranty period. 

To initiate a claim, customers must send their Kindle in the original packaging to the address where their warranty service is located. The return date of the fixed device will vary depending on the damage.

To find out which warranty provider customers must send their Kindle to, they can find the list of warranty providers for their region on Amazon’s customer service page!

Where Can I Get a Kindle Repaired?

If a customer’s warranty on their Kindle is expired, there are still a number of services they can use to have their Kindle repaired!

Repair services such as uBreakiFix and Outsource Repairs are highly rated services that provide their own warranties for Kindle repairs and have high customer ratings.

Additionally, if customers simply require a screen replacement for their Kindle, they can purchase a new screen from $15- $40 and bring it to a device repair center.

Kindle owners may also be able to do repairs themselves through DIY instructional videos. However, this is only recommended for small fixes such as faulty charging ports.

Customers are urged to read reviews of Kindle repair services before sending their devices to be fixed in order to avoid being scammed.

Is Getting a Kindle Repaired Worth It?

Getting a Kindle repaired by Amazon is worthwhile if customers only require a minor fix and/or still have a valid warranty!

However, customers may prefer to replace their broken Kindle with a new one if the damage is complex and will take longer to repair.

Amazon will often replace Kindles for free as long as customers send in their broken Kindle within 90 days, which may be more worthwhile if their Kindle is older and severely damaged.

Finally, having a Kindle repaired by an external source may be worthwhile if the damage is minor and the repairs are inexpensive.

However, customers are recommended to only have their Kindles repaired by an external source if their Kindle warranty has expired, as Amazon repairs Kindles for free!

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Amazon repairs Kindles as long as their warranty is still valid! Customers must ship their broken Kindle in the original packaging and must send the Kindle to the address of their warranty provider.

This information can be located through Amazon customer service!

Amazon will often give customers the option to replace their broken Kindle with a new one, and this is usually offered for free!

Some Amazon customer service centers may not offer free Kindles for damaged caused by the owner, but this will vary per service center.

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