Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty (All You Need To Know)

Amazon sells a wide variety of house devices, such as the Kindle, Amazon Echo, and their selection of tablets! Each device comes with a warranty that customers can claim for repairs.

If you have an Amazon Fire Tablet, you may be curious about the warranty for your device. If so, keep reading this article to learn more about Amazon’s warranty policy and other facts I learned!

Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty

Amazon’s warranty for their Fire Tablet varies depending on the model. The current warranties on Fire Tablets are for 90 days, 1 year, and two years depending on the type of tablet customers own. Amazon customers can claim their warranty for repairs, a replacement, or a refund if the warranty is still valid.

If you’d like to learn more about how to claim your Fire Tablet warranty, where to get a tablet fixed if your warranty is expired, and more, keep reading for more useful facts and tips!

How Do I Claim my Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty?

If customers would like to claim their Fire Tablet warranty for repairs or a replacement, they can do so by following these steps:

For Requesting Repairs:

  1. Login to their Amazon account and head to the Online Returns Center
  2. Choose the “Return Items” option and select the Fire Tablet previously purchased
  3. Tag the device as defective, and describe the issues with the tablet in a detailed manner
  4. Amazon may first recommend some repairs customers can do by themselves. If these don’t work, however, customers must process the claim to their service provider
  5. Print the return label provided by Amazon and send the package to the address of the warranty provider

For Requesting a Replacement:

  1. After logging into their Amazon account, customers must first head to the Online Returns Center
  2. Select the “Return Items” option and find the order previously placed. Once found, select the “Return or Replace Items” option
  3. The order history will be brought up, and customers must then select their Fire Tablet from the order they placed
  4. After selecting the tablet, customers must select a reason from the “Reason for Return” menu, and an exchange order will be processed
  5. Customers must print the return label provided and package the broken tablet
  6. Finally, print the Return Authorization and place it inside the package for return

For Requesting a Refund:

  1. Login to their Amazon account and head to “Your Orders”
  2. After locating the order, customers must select “Problem With the Order”
  3. After selecting a problem from the list, customers may select the “Request a Refund” option
  4. Enter any necessary comments into the notes provided and submit the request

Is the Warranty for all Fire Tablets the Same?

Is the Warranty for all Fire Tablets the Same?

Amazon’s warranty for Fire Tablets varies depending on the model. Amazon offers the following warranties:

  • One Year Limited Warranty for Amazon Devices or Accessories
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty for Amazon Devices or Accessories
  • Worry-Free Guarantee (Two Year Limited Warranty)

The one-year warranty grant applies to the following Fire Tablet models:

  • Fire HD 10 (11th Generation or Earlier)
  • Fire HD 10 Plus
  • Fire HD (4th or 5th Generation)
  • Fire HDX
  • Kindle Fire HDX
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Kindle Fire

The 90-day warranty grant applies to the below Fire Tablet models:

  • Fire 7 (9th Generation or Earlier)
  • Fire HD 8 (10th Generation or Earlier)
  • Fire HD 8 Plus
  • Fire Tablet (5th Generation)

The two-year warranty applies to the Kids Fire and Kids Pro Tablets!

Does Amazon Replace Fire Tablets Under Their Warranty?

With Amazon’s Fire Tablet warranty, customers can not only have their tablet fixed but can also request a replacement tablet! Amazon will usually replace tablets for free if they are defective.

Customers have 90 days to return the original broken tablet, and the warranty must still be valid on it in order for Amazon to send a replacement.

Will Amazon Fix a Fire Tablet if the Warranty is Expired?

Amazon is unable to fix a Fire Tablet if a customer’s warranty has expired. However, customers can take their tablet to a local tech repair shop or send it to an online repair service.

Online repair shops such as uBreakiFix and device stores such as Best Buy are viable options for fixing a Fire Tablet. These stores may also provide their own warranties that customers can utilize!

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Depending on the model, Amazon provides three different warranties for the Fire Tablet.

Customers will be able to claim either a one-year, two-year, or 90-day warranty depending on which Fire Tablet they own, which is indicated on Amazon’s list of warranty providers.

Customers can have their Fire Tablet fixed, replaced, or refunded as long as their warranty is still valid.

If their warranty has expired, customers can also have their tablets fixed through an online repair service or a device shop such as Best Buy!

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