Does AutoZone Do Oil Changes? (Try This Instead)

An oil change is mandatory for all vehicles as part of car maintenance, meaning you can do it at home or have it done by a professional.

Learning to change oil by yourself can save money and time, but if you need professional service, can AutoZone do oil changes for you? Keep reading to learn the answer!

Does AutoZone Provide Oil Changes In 2024?

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not provide oil change services in 2024. However, if you contact the AutoZone customer care staff and provide details about your location, they will direct you to a nearby place to get your oil changed. Additionally, they offer tips and resources on the company website that you can use to change the oil yourself.

For more information about whether AutoZone provides oil changes services to its customers, keep on reading for useful facts and tips!

Why Doesn’t AutoZone Provide Oil Changes?

AutoZone does not offer oil-changing services due to the following reasons:

1. It Can Be Time Consuming

As a car owner, you can change oil by yourself within 30 minutes to an hour. Therefore, instead of waiting for 45 minutes at the auto store, it might be easier to do it at home.

Additionally, some vehicle models are fitted with oil drain plugs that are more difficult to access when performing the oil change.

In this case, AutoZone staff would rather refer you to another provider like Jiffy Lube, Walmart, or a local repair shop.

To help with this process, AutoZone provides resources to make it easier for its customers.

2. Staff Expertise

While AutoZone offers different automotive services, the staff can refer you to a lube shop specializing in oil changes.

Once you go to this kind of service center, the oil change will be much faster because the staff are more qualified and specialized in this field.

What Oil Changing Resources Does AutoZone Provide?

Although AutoZone does not change oil for its customers, it doesn’t leave them without any resources. If you want to learn how to change oil at home, you can consult the following resources:

1. Tips and Tutorials

The team has provided tips on AutoZone’s website, such as how to change your oil and how long it takes to complete the process. These information packs include the tools and supplies to use when changing the oil.

Additionally, the website has a detailed repair help section with further information. These landing pages come with instructions to guide you in the oil-changing process.

2. High-Quality Oils

Apart from tips, AutoZone also sells motor oils that you can change yourself. These oil change specials are designed for car owners who want to carry out this process at home and save money and time.

Most of these oils are sold at a discount so that car owners can afford them. According to AutoZone, all the oils in the specials category are not available in all its stores, and the offers may vary depending on the market.

3. Customer Service

If you want more information, the AutoZone staff can guide you to the right professionals at the store to walk you through the oil-changing process.

Additionally, the customer service agents will refer you to the nearest service center to change your oil, depending on your location.

Which Other Stores Can You Get Your Oil Changed?

Which Other Stores Can You Get Your Oil Changed? AutoZone

As mentioned above, a regular oil change is vital if you want to maintain your car in good condition.

If you’re looking for professionals to help you with this service, here are some stores you can go to after buying oil from AutoZone:


AAMCO experts will help you with essential services such as changing filters, fluids, and oil.

Additionally, they offer an AAMCO Full Service Oil & Filter Change, including a new oil filter, up to 5 quarts of engine oil, and a comprehensive vehicle check.

2. Jiffy Lube

Similarly, Jiffy Lube also offers an oil change service with up to 5 quarts of quality motor oil and an oil filter.

At Jiffy Lube, you can save by bringing your oil from AutoZone. Additionally, the company also offers oil change coupons.

3. Goodyear

If you want to get an oil change, you can also go to Goodyear auto service, who will recommend the best oil to use for your vehicle.

Based on their service, the staff at Goodyear replaces the oil, oil filter, and all other fluids.

4. Express Oil Change Tire Engineers

You can also get your oil changed at Express Oil Change Tire Engineers, which has a 10-minute signature oil change service.

According to the company website, the service is fast and friendly and includes a safety and mechanical examination of your car.

Can You Change the Oil in a Car Yourself?

If you have some technical skills, you can change the oil by yourself by following the tips and video tutorials provided by AutoZone. You can buy the oils and tools from the AutoZone store and save money and time.

However, you should only do this if you have the technical know-how. Otherwise, if the oil change is done incorrectly, it could cause more harm to your engine and other parts of your vehicle.

Therefore, if you’re not confident enough, you should visit a nearby station that offers oil change services for professional assistance.

How Long Does It Take to Change Your Oil?

Changing the oil can be quite fast or time-consuming, depending on different factors. If it’s your first time changing the oil by yourself, it might take you almost an hour or two to complete the process.

However, at the auto service station, it can take about 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the workload, what needs to be done, and the location of your oil filters and drain plugs.

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

According to various reports, an oil and filter change with conventional oil should cost you about $35 to $75. However, if your vehicle uses synthetic oils, the price range is from $65 to $125.

However, these prices are not static and vary depending on the services you get at the auto center and the specific shop.

When budgeting for the service, you need to include the oil purchasing price. For instance, if you buy from the AutoZone featured oil change specials, the total cost ranges from $28.99 to $35.99, including an oil filter.

To know more, you can also see our posts on whether or not AutoZone installs batteries, if AutoZone takes used oil, and if AutoZone installs radios.


Although AutoZone does not have oil-changing services, they come in handy if you need tips on the website on how to do it yourself. Additionally, AutoZone staff will advise you on the best places to get these services in your location.

Since oil changing is mandatory, you can learn how to change it at home to save on time and money. However, if you don’t have the technical knowledge, it’s advisable to visit a professional at auto centers that provide oil changing services.

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