Does Chewy Sell Live Fish? (Try This Instead)

Chewy has become many pet fish owners’ go-to source for all pet supplies like food, medicine, and accessories.

If you’ve heard positive things about the company, and want to get a live fish, read this article to learn all you need to know regarding this topic!

Does Chewy Sell Live Fish In [currentyear]?

Chewy does not sell live fish in [currentyear]. In fact, Chewy does not sell any live animals, including ones meant to be fed to other pets. Chewy sells pet supplies and accessories, including pet food, toys, restraints, and more. You can get live fish from traditional pet stores with physical locations; most of the large ones will even deliver.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about live fish and Chewy, including why you can’t buy from them, alternative sources, and more!

Why Doesn’t Chewy Sell Live Fish?

Chewy probably doesn’t sell live fish, or any live animals for that matter, because it’s a 100% online business.

As of now, Chewy has opted to reserve all physical operations to storage and administration, i.e. warehouses and offices.

A lot of the companies that sell live fish online in wholesale or retail also have physical spaces dedicated to them, either in stores or farms, neither of which Chewy has at the moment.

Does Chewy Sell Fish Supplies?

Chewy sells fish supplies on its website for new and seasoned pet fish owners, whether they are freshwater or saltwater variants.

Some of the fish supplies that Chewy sells include aquariums, filters, tank decor, food, cleaners, pumps, heating, and lighting supplies. Chewy also sells medical supplies for fish.

Where Can I Get Live Fish?

Where Can I Get Live Fish?

Since Chewy does not sell live fish, you could look into the following alternative sources:

1. Pet Stores

One of the easiest places you can find live fish and most other pet types is in conventional pet stores with physical locations.

Petco and PetSmart are two national retailers with stores in most places, so you might luck out and find one that’s near you.

They also sell fish supplies that you can take home with you at the same time, including tanks, purifiers, filters, lighting, rocks, food, and more.

Moreover, attendants at these places often have helpful tips on how you can best care for the animal.

Large national pet retailers like Petco and PetSmart also let you buy fish online and have them shipped to you.

These options often come with a guarantee that the fish will arrive alive and healthy, otherwise, you’ll get a refund.

If you’re having trouble tracking down a physical pet store in your area, you could always try ordering live fish from one of these large companies’ websites.

2. Wholesalers

Large national pet stores like Petco and PetSmart get their live fish from wholesale suppliers, and you could try going through them.

This option is ideal for when you’re looking for a large quantity of live fish, as opposed to one or two that you would keep as pets.

We conducted some research into such wholesalers and found options like FishMart and Segrest Farms, both of which supply live fish to Petco and PetSmart.

These kinds of companies usually have a way for people to contact them to ask about buying live fish in bulk, either for online orders or in physical stores.

Visit their websites and look for a contact button or form, a phone number, or email through which you can reach them.

3. Local Breeders

There might be some fish breeders in your area that rear fish for sale to pet stores, individuals, and restaurants.

These people usually have a lot of information on how to care for your fish, but they usually don’t sell supplies.

4. Local Individuals

You could look in your area for someone with a fish that they’re looking to sell or give away through avenues like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

This option is convenient because the fish you get will usually come with accompanying supplies, and you will also get information on how to care for the specific fish.

5. Ask a Vet

If there’s a vet in your area, you could ask them if they know where you can get live fish.

They might either point you towards reputable sellers or someone they know that’s looking to get rid of the one they already have.

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Chewy does not sell live fish because it’s an online business and currently only focuses on pet supplies. You can buy live fish from most pet stores, local breeders, or by asking for pointers from a local vet.

If you’re interested in buying large quantities of live fish, you could look into wholesale suppliers that also sell to pet stores.

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