Does Chewy Take Afterpay & Other Buy Now Pay Later Services? (Guide)

Buy now pay later plans have become popular in the past few years due to their increased accessibility to most people.

So, if you’re shopping at Chewy and are interested in knowing whether they’re available to you, read on to see what we found!

Does Chewy Take Afterpay and Other Buy Now Pay Later Services In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Chewy does not accept Afterpay, but other payment plans could work on the website in [currentyear]. For example, Chewy takes Klarna, as customers report that they’ve successfully used it. Chewy also takes Zip, formerly Quadpay, because it does not need the retailer’s approval to work. Chewy also accepts credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and gift cards.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about payment plans at Chewy, including which ones you can use, alternative retailers, and more!

Why Doesn’t Chewy Accept Afterpay or Paypal Pay in 4?

Chewy probably doesn’t accept Afterpay because it hasn’t gotten around to implementing the payment method on the website.

Chewy is a relatively new platform and has started experiencing massive success within the past few years, so the company is still growing.

While Chewy does accept PayPal and PayPal Credit, it does not accept PayPal Pay in 4, the company’s buy now pay later service.

Pay in 4 is still being rolled out to some retailers, and Chewy is yet to be one of them, but it could be added in the future because there is already an existing framework with PayPal.

We found a tweet from January 2020 where Chewy responded to a customer asking for Afterpay integration, saying that the company was optimistic about it in the future.

Although Chewy hasn’t announced it yet, we can assume that it accepts Klarna because we’ve found customers who have used the payment method at the retailer.

One customer said they used it in August 2021 while another said they used it in December 2020.

You can also use Zip, formerly known as Quadpay, to make buy now pay later purchases at Chewy.

This is possible because, although Chewy has not officially signed off on Zip, the service works in a way that does not require authorization from the retailer.

Zip creates a virtual Visa card that you can then apply at checkout.

Whatever retailer you’re shopping with will treat it as a regular card, but Zip will cover the costs and you will have to pay it off over time.

Zip also has a feature that lets you shop on supported retailers right within the app, so the whole process is easier.

What Payment Methods Can You Use at Chewy?

What Payment Methods Can You Use at Chewy?

When shopping on Chewy, you can use the following payment methods:

  1. PayPal
  2. Apple Pay
  3. Mastercard
  4. Visa
  5. American Express
  6. Discover
  7. Chewy gift cards

As stated above, you can also use Zip to buy now and pay later at Chewy through the following steps:

  1. Download the Zip app through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Open the app and search for “Chewy” from the stores
  3. Shop as usual, adding items to your cart as normal
  4. At checkout, navigate to the payment method and select “Pay with Zip”

This will split your payment into 4 installments that you will have to pay off over the next 6 weeks.

What Pet Stores Accept Buy Now Pay Later Services?

If using a buy now pay later method at Chewy proves to be too stressful for you, you could consider the following other retailers that carry similar products:

  1. Petco – aside from live pets, Petco also sells a wide variety of pet supplies and accessories and started accepting Klarna following a partnership announced in August 2021
  2. PetSmart – like Chewy, PetSmart carries several supplies and accessories for the most popular pet types, and also accepts Afterpay
  3. Walmart – Walmart has its own selection of pet supplies and accessories and a large presence across the country and accepts Affirm
  4. Target – like Walmart, Target also accepts Affirm

To know more, you can also read our psots on why is Chewy so cheap, what is Chewy, and does Petco own Chewy.


Unfortunately, Chewy does not accept Afterpay or PayPal Pay in 4, but you can use Klarna and Zip on the platform.

We’ve found some customers that have used Klarna fairly recently on Chewy and Zip, formerly Quadpay, works in a way where the retailer does not have to offer authorization.

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