Does CVS Do Cash Back? (Limits, Minimum Spend + More)

Getting Cash back from your regular supermarket or drugstore instead of withdrawing cash from an ATM, can be a smart decision that saves you money, gas, and time.

And since CVS is one of America’s most popular and frequently visited pharmacies, you might be wondering if CVS does cash back? I did some research and here is what I found out!

Does CVS Do Cash Back?

CVS does offer free cashback of up to 35$ per transaction, on any purchases. However, customers can only receive cash back on transactions made with a debit card and not through credit cards or checks, with an exception of the “Discover Cash Back Debit card”.

To learn more about how to receive cash back at CVS, its limit, cost, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is the Cash Back Limit At CVS?

CVS has a cash back limit of 35$ per transaction. If you need cash back of more than that amount, you can simply make another transaction or visit a different CVS store.

CVS allows its customers to get Cashback in any denominations requested as long as it is available and within the range of 35$.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Cash Back at CVS?

Conveniently, CVS does not charge any fees for dispensing cash back at any of its stores. Customers can receive cash back on any transaction made with a debit card regardless of the amount of purchase.

This is particularly convenient if you are already planning to buy from CVS and want to avoid paying extra for the ATM fees.

How Can I receive Cash Back At CVS?

Receiving cash back at CVS is a very simple process.

When you are paying for your purchases, all you have to do is select the cash back prompt displayed on the card reader, or ask the cashier for cash back of any amount required within the limit of 35$ in any denominations you like.

The amount of cash back you request will be added to the total amount of the transaction and will be charged accordingly immediately.

After the transaction is completed, you will receive your cash back and the items purchased all together.

What Is The Minimum Purchase You Have To Make To Get Cash Back At CVS?

What Is The Minimum Purchase You Have To Make To Get Cash Back At CVS?

There is no minimum limit of purchase required to receive cash back at CVS. Customers can request a cash back with a purchase of as minimum as 0.01$.

If you are already planning to make a purchase at CVS, you can benefit from getting cash back and avoid paying the ATM fees you would have had to pay otherwise while withdrawing cash from an ATM (which is around 3$-5$).

Can I Get Cash Back At CVS From Credit Cards And Checks?

Unfortunately no, CVS does not offer cash back on purchases made with credit cards or checks.

CVS does allow purchases to be made through several modes of payment including gift cards, cash, credit card, checks and Apple pay. However, cash back is only allowed to be requested on purchases made with a debit card.

One exception for CVS customers is the ‘Discover card’. That allows customers to receive cash back on any transactions made with its “cash back feature”.

Does CVS Do Cash Back With Contactless Payment (Apple Pay, PayPal)?

CVS does not offer cash back on a transaction made with any method of payment other than a debit card.

However, an exception for credit card and Apple Pay users is to use the “Discover Cash Back Debit Card.” Customers can add their Discover card to their Apple Pay following these instructions, and receive a 1% cash back on each transaction made.

Additionally, CVS lets customers redeem a 10$ cash back on their first in-store purchase of 20$ or more, using PayPal or Venmo QR.

Can I Redeem Cash Back at CVS with a Gift Card?

CVS does not allow customers to redeem a gift card for cash or credit. Gift cards can only be redeemed for merchandise at CVS. However, CVS does allow gift cards to be exchanged for CVS gift cards online.

If you are still planning to cash your gift cards, several websites let you sell your gift cards online in exchange for cash. For example, you can try visiting or

What Other Stores Give Cash Back?

A number of other retailer supermarkets and drugstores also allow customers to receive cash back with purchases including:


CVS does offer cash back of up to 35$ with any transaction made with a debit card. The cash back facility at CVS is entirely free of cost and does not require a minimum amount of purchase to be made in order to request cash back.

Therefore, If you want to avoid the hefty ATM fees, choosing to receive money as cash back with purchases made at your local retailers like CVS instead of an ATM, might be a smarter choice for you.

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