Does Kohl’s Resize Rings? (Price, Locations, Wait Time + More)

If you’re getting married or have a special occasion involving the need for a ring, you may need some information about where to get your ring sized/resized.

Because Kohl’s retail store has a large selection of high-quality rings, you may be wondering if they offer this service. Keep reading below to see what I found out!

Does Kohl’s Resize Rings?

Kohl’s does offer a free ring resizing service in-store for those who purchase rings from Kohl’s. Additionally, Kohl’s will only resize rings that carry a value of $100 or more and can only resize the ring up or down one size. The wait time to get a ring resized from Kohl’s is about 4-8 weeks.

If you would like to learn more about Kohl’s resizing service pricing, which rings they resize, and alternative locations to have your ring resized, continue reading through this article for more helpful information!

How Much Does Kohl’s Resizing Service Cost?

Kohl’s will resize a customer’s ring for free, as long as it’s valued at $100 or more.

However, If the customer wants a resizing done on a ring at a lower price, there will be a $20 service fee.

Does Kohl’s Resize On Location?

While all Kohl’s locations offer this service, Kohl’s sends their rings out to another company to be resized.

As Kohl’s send the rings offsite for resizing, the service can sometimes take 4-8 weeks! So if you have certain time constraints, it might not be worth it.

Does Kohl’s Resize All Types Of Rings?

Does Kohl’s Resize All Types Of Rings?

Unfortunately, Kohl’s will not resize sterling silver or tungsten rings due to the high level of difficulty involved in welding those types of metals.

Currently, Kohl’s will only resize gold rings due to the malleable nature of the metal.

Which Other Retail Stores Offer Ring Sizing?

While Kohl’s does offer a ring sizing service, it may not be convenient for those who purchased in a lower price range or simply want faster service.

Fortunately, there are plenty of retailers who are a good alternative to Kohl’s, and they are listed below:


  • Unlike Kohl’s, Zales will gladly resize a ring purchased from a different company. They send the rings out to a professional sizing company, and the wait time is never above two weeks.
  • They do, however, charge for their services, and depending on the amount of resizing or repairs needed on your ring, prices range from $24-$110.


  • Walmart, like Kohl’s, does not resize rings from other companies. However, they do offer their service for free! Walmart contracts out to a professional ring sizing service, and the wait time to receive your ring is only between 7-10 days.
  • However, depending on the time of year you’re purchasing a ring (during the holidays, for example), it may take up to 3 weeks.

JC Penny

  • JC Penny is also a very good option, as they will resize rings from other companies. Their wait time is 7-10 business days, and like the above-mentioned stores, they contract their services out to another jewelry company.

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Fortunately, Kohl’s does offer a ring resizing service! There are a few stipulations involved, though. While they offer their services for free, the wait time can be up to 8 weeks, and they will not resize rings purchased from another company.

They are also limited to the types of metal they can work with, and therefore will only resize rings made from gold. Finally, if a ring is below $100, they will charge an extra $20 for the service.

If you’re looking for alternative choices to Kohl’s, retailers such as Walmart, JC Penny, and Zales all, offer high quality services that may be more accommodating depending on your price range and the type of ring you have purchased.

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