Does Lowe’s Cut Rebar? (Try This Instead)

Lowe’s is a great hardware retailer for both consumers and professionals. As well as selling materials to improve homes and businesses, Lowe’s also offers services to cut, trim, and adjust certain products to suit shoppers’ needs.

Customers at Lowe’s may be wondering if they can cut rebar within Lowe’s stores, how much it is, and what options Lowe’s has for cutting rebar. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have learned!

Does Lowe’s Cut Rebar?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s cannot cut rebar within its stores, even if you have purchased it from Lowe’s. However, Lowe’s does sell tools to help you cut and bend rebar yourself both in-store and online. Also, local contractors or other hardware stores may be able to bend rebar for you.

For more information about cutting rebar, including why Lowe’s doesn’t cut rebar, what tools you can use to cut your rebar, and where you can get rebar cut, keep reading!

Why Does Lowe’s Not Cut Rebar?

While Lowe’s sells a range of rebar products in-store and online, it cannot cut rebar for customers.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not have the correct tools and equipment in-store to cut the rebar.

However, there are several materials Lowe’s can cut, including lumber, pipe, rope, chain, and mini-blinds, which are usually free of charge.

Will Lowe’s Bend Rebar?

Just as Lowe’s cannot cut rebar, the retailer can also not bend rebar in its stores.

However, Lowe’s does sell several tools that can help you bend rebar manually.

For help finding the best tools to bend rebar, consult Lowe’s employees at a local store or via customer service online.

For example, some of the recommended tools to bend rebar at Lowe’s include products by Bon Tool, such as the Three-Pin Rebar Bender (priced at $39.07) and the Mini Three-Pin Rebar Bender (priced at $18).

Additionally, there are online tutorials that can help you bend rebar by hand.

However, it’s recommended you have people help you and not heat the rebar as you try to bend it.

Can You Cut Rebar By Hand?

While Lowe’s cannot cut rebar for you, it is possible to cut rebar by hand if you so choose.

With that, Lowe’s sells various tools in-store and online that can help you cut rebar.

For example, recommended tools at Lowe’s for cutting rebar include the Marshalltown REBAR CUTTERBENDER (priced at $669.29) and the Bon Tool Open End Rebar Cutter/Bender (priced at $452.02).

If you need any assistance, employees at Lowe’s can suggest the best tools that will allow you to safely and correctly cut rebar by hand.

Also, several online tutorials can help you cut rebar, including different ways to cut rebar and the best tools to cut rebar.

Does Lowe’s Rent Tools To Cut Rebar?

Does Lowe's Rent Tools To Cut Rebar?

Purchasing tools from Lowe’s to cut and bend rebar can be expensive.

Therefore, Lowe’s offers customers the option to rent professional tools for a designated period to help complete their projects.

With that, Lowe’s website allows you to search for store locations near you to see where you can rent tools.

To rent a tool from Lowe’s, simply choose the tool you wish to rent, and select the date you want to use the tool.

Lowe’s allows you to reserve the device online, and you will receive a request confirmation via your email.

Then, you can pick up your rental tool in-store at Lowe’s. To collect your rental tool, you will need a valid form of government-issued ID as well as a credit card.

Lowe’s has a wide range of tools available to rent, and employees will advise you which is the best tool for the job.

Where Can I Get Rebar Cut?

Both Lowe’s and its main competitor, Home Depot, cannot cut rebar in-store, although both sell supplies that allow you to do it yourself.

If you wish to get rebar cut, local hardware stores and contractors may supply this service for you.

For example, the company White Cap can cut and bend rebar for you and has services available in 13 states.

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