Does Lowe’s Repair Lawn Mowers? (Cost, Wait Time + More)

As a hardware store, Lowe’s offers several products and services to help customers complete DIY products and maintain their homes, including repairs.

Customers may be wondering if Lowe’s can repair lawn mowers, how much it is and how long it takes. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve found out!

Does Lowe’s Repair Lawn Mowers In 2023?

Lowe’s can repair lawn mowers within its stores if it’s within the timeframe of the manufacturer warranty as of 2023. Also, Lowe’s offers its Protection Plans that you can buy when purchasing your lawn mower. Additionally, there are spare lawn mower parts available for sale at Lowe’s.

For more information on how Lowe’s can help repair your lawn mower, including details about how long it takes, as well as information about protection plans, keep reading!

Does Lowe’s Fix Lawn Mowers?

Unlike Home Depot, Lowe’s does not offer lawn mower repair services.

Instead, Lowe’s can repair your lawn mower if you purchased it from its store through its manufacturer warranty.

For example, if it has been a year since you purchased your lawn mower from Lowe’s, it will be within the warranty.

With that, contact the manufacturer independently or through Lowe’s, and they will be able to schedule to have the lawn mower repaired.

Alternatively, if you have taken out a Lowe’s Protection Plan, you can have your lawn mower repaired for free at Lowe’s after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

That said, Lowe’s Protection Plan covers normal wear and tear, and there’s no deductible or fees to file a claim, which you can do online.

If you cannot get your lawn mower repaired at Lowe’s, the Lowe’s staff may be able to advise you on local contractors it works with who can help you.

How Long Does It Take To Have A Lawn Mower Repaired At Lowe’s?

How long it takes to have your lawn mower repaired at Lowe’s depends on the season.

For example, it can take several weeks to have it fixed in the busy season as the service will be high in demand.

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Lawn Mower Repaired At Lowe’s?

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Lawn Mower Repaired At Lowe's?

If you’re using the manufacturer’s warranty or Lowe’s Protection Plan, it’s unlikely you’ll have to pay anything to have your lawn mower repaired.

Additionally, lawn mower parts and accessories from Lowe’s can vary in price from around $5 to up to $400 depending on the equipment you need.

According to online sources, online lawn mower repair from other services costs on average between $80 to $100 but can be as expensive as $250 depending on the service required.

What Types Of Lawn Mowers Can Lowe’s Repair?

Through its Protection Plan and manufacturer’s warranties, Lowe’s can repair virtually all lawn mowers.

But, it’s unlikely Lowe’s can repair lawn mowers you have not purchased from it. However, Lowe’s does sell parts for lawn mowers.

So, if your lawn mower is the same brand as what Lowe’s sells, it may be easier to find parts to fix it yourself.

Can I Have My Lawn Mower Protected By Lowe’s?

If you wish to insure your lawn mower beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, which typically lasts for one year, you can take out a Lowe’s Protection Plan, which will last up to four years.

That said, Lowe’s Protection Plan often covers your lawn mower from the day you receive the product.

On the same note, there are different prices for different plans offered at Lowe’s, depending on the cost of your lawn mower.

Also, Lowe’s offers Outdoor Power Equipment Protection for products that include riding mowers, push mowers, and more.

Essentially, the protection plan means you can get 50% back on items to keep your products running from Lowe’s, as well as a Repair Quick Policy.

With that, Lowe’s Repair Quick Policy will have your lawn mower fixed within seven days and can also offer collection and delivery.

Does Lowe’s Sell Parts For Lawn Mowers?

Yes, Lowe’s sells lawn mower parts and accessories, including blades, belts, additional accessories, lifts, seat covers, and spindles.=

Additionally, Lowe’s sells popular lawn mower brands such as CRAFTSMAN, Kobalt, Honda, BLACK+DECKER and SKIL, and many more.

For example, some of the best-selling lawn mower parts and accessories from Lowe’s include the John Deere Z335E, Z345M, Z345R Mulch Control Kit.

Also, the Billy Goat Hose Kit for Lawn Vacuum Handlebar Kit is a popular product at Lowe’s.

To know more about Lowe’s, you can also read our posts on Lowe’s return policy without receipt, Lowe’s lawn mower return policy, and Lowe’s tool return policy.


As well as selling a variety of lawn mowers and accessories, Lowe’s can also help you repair and maintain your lawn mower.

With that, ensuring you are within the manufacturer’s warranty or have the Lowe’s Protection Plan helps keep costs down when repairing your lawn mower.

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