Does Home Depot Repair Lawn Mowers? (Cost, Wait time, Types Of Mowers/Weed Eater Fixed + More)

Although Home Depot is home to an expansive range of top-quality household goods, tools, and materials, it also has skilled mechanics and technicians to help with setups and repairs.

So if your lawn mower is causing you problems or has broken down, you may be wondering – does Home Depot repair lawn mowers? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Does Home Depot Repair Lawn Mowers In 2023?

Home Depot does repair lawn mowers and weed eaters for around $80 as of 2023, charging $40 for simple tuning. The typical wait time for a lawn mower repair from the Home Depot Rental Center can take 2-3 weeks, whereas stores without a center will complete the repairs offsite, taking 4-6 weeks.

If you want to learn more about Home Depot’s lawn mower protection plan, the kind of lawn mowers and weed eaters Home Depot repairs, and much more, keep on reading!

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Lawn Mowers At Home Depot?

Previous customers have reported paying an average of $40 for simple tuning and refining to enhance performance at Home Depot.

This service normally involves a professional fitting a new spark plug and filter and changing the oil when necessary.

A full-service, on the other hand, reportedly comes to approximately $80, but this price may vary between stores and depend on the complexity of your problem.

The general average cost to repair a lawn mower is between $60 and $90, meaning Home Depot’s average price is competitive.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Lawn Mowers At Home Depot?

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to repair a lawn mower at a Home Depot store that holds a Tool Rental Center.

If you take your broken lawn mower to a Home Depot without this facility, HD will send the device to an offsite location where repairs can take around 4-6 weeks, including delivery.

Customers should note that those covered by a Home Depot warranty may not be liable to pay the repair fees.

What Types Of Lawn Mowers/Weed Eaters Does Home Depot Repair?

What Types Of Lawn Mowers/Weed Eaters Does Home Depot Repair?

Home Depot claims that it can repair any lawn mower or weed eater regardless of its brand and where you purchased it.

The repair center can gladly fix lawn mowers, including zero-turn mowers, wide-area mowers, field mowers, and push lawn mowers.

Other than that, Home Depot will also fix gas-powered mowers and trimmers, also known as weed eaters.

However, you may wish to check for any existing warranties that can be applied provided you bought the lawn equipment from Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Warranty Cover Lawn Mower Repairs?

A manufacturer’s warranty is often included in the total cost of a lawn mower at Home Depot.

The warranty details are usually stated in the instruction manual, on, or on the packaging.

Note that many lawn mowers feature a 90-days-5 year limited manufacturer warranty which may cover the cost, or partial cost, of repairs.

However, if you wish to extend your coverage, you may consider one of the Home Depot General Merchandise Protection Plans.

Alternatively, you can opt-in for a Mower Protection Plan for coverage on:

  • Mechanical and electrical failures
  • Quick and easy online claims
  • Fast repairs
  • 50% reimbursement for preventative maintenance parts
  • No additional costs if you transfer the plan to another owner

Will Home Depot Replace An Unrepairable Lawn Mower?

Home Depot will replace lawn mowers that are beyond repair, provided you are covered by one of the Home Depot Protection Plans mentioned above.

If you do not have either of these insurances, you should refer to any existing manufacturer’s warranty.

You can return defective lawn mowers and weed eaters within 90-days of purchase unless powered by gas, in which case you’ll only have 30-days.

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Home Depot stores with a rental center can fix lawn mowers in 2-3 weeks, whereas stores without a rental center will repair mowers in 4-6 weeks offsite.

Repairs typically cost around $80 and $40 for fine-tuning unless your product is covered by the General Merchandise or Mower Protection Plan.

Home Depot may offer a replacement mower if it is unrepairable and covered by a Plan.

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