Does Meijer Deliver Groceries? (All You Need to Know)

Grocery delivery services make shopping quick and convenient, especially for those unwilling or unable to visit the grocery store like the busy or the infirm.

Major grocery stores offer this service as a matter of course. Therefore, read on to find out whether Meijer offers groceries delivery services!

Does Meijer Deliver Groceries In [currentyear]?

Meijer delivers groceries through Shipt and Instacart in most of its areas of operation in [currentyear]. Meijer’s delivery times depend on working hours and may be less than an hour or the same day. Customers can pay for their grocery deliveries using credit and debit cards. Tips are most welcome but not mandatory.

Stay with me if you want to know more about Meijer grocery deliveries, making and paying for grocery delivery orders, when to expect the delivery of your groceries, and much more!

Will Meijer Deliver My Groceries?

Meijer delivers groceries to its customers wherever they are. The customer chooses the place of delivery.

Besides home delivery, Meijer offers in-store or curbside pick-up.

These services are popular and convenient for those who find themselves unable to go or spend time shopping.

When Can I Schedule a Meijer Grocery Delivery?

Meijer will deliver groceries to you as long as the stores are open. Since some Meijer stores stay open 24 hours, you can order and expect delivery at any hour.

Where the stores only stay open for part of the day, you can schedule a delivery from 8.00 AM to an hour before closing time.

Meijer has collaborated with Shipt to deliver groceries within an hour or the same day.

Also, Meijer will deliver every day of the week, except on Christmas.

How Can I Schedule a Meijer Grocery Delivery?

To schedule your Meijer grocery delivery, log into or tap your app and follow these steps:

  1. Shop for all the groceries you want to buy by adding them to your cart
  2. Make sure to select your delivery time at checkout
  3. You can add the delivery destination from the delivery option at the top of the page or your shopping cart
  4. Enter the destination by clicking on Delivery and entering address details in the field that comes up. Confirm and then click Use this Address

You can change the destination by following this same process:

  1. Your shopper will then shop the order on your behalf
  2. The personal shopper will deliver the order to the destination you indicated
  3. Finally, make sure there is someone to receive the delivery when it is made

Instacart also delivers groceries on Meijer’s behalf. You can do your shopping via the Instacart app and follow a similar process as above.

An Instacart personal shopper will shop your order and deliver it to you.

How Much Do Meijer Groceries Deliveries Cost?

How Much Do Meijer Groceries Deliveries Cost?

Meijer charges $7.95 for grocery deliveries regardless of the size of the order. Pick-ups cost $4.95 for orders below $35. Orders above that can be picked up free.

Grocery deliveries via Instacart at Meijer cost $3.99 for same-day deliveries for orders over $35.

One-hour deliveries, club store deliveries, and deliveries for orders under $35 are charged variables.

The service fee depends on location, number, and types of items in the cart.

Shipt offers annual subscriptions at $99 for its customers. This comes to about $8 a month and applies to all grocery deliveries from Shipt’s partners.

The annual members can enjoy free delivery for items above $35 and $7 for less than $35.

Otherwise, to use Shipt grocery delivery services without the annual subscription, you must buy the one-time Shipt pass at $10, three passes at $27, or five passes at $40.

Should I Tip the Meijer Grocery Delivery Driver?

You are under no obligation to support Meijer, Shipt, or Instacart personal shoppers when they deliver your groceries.

However, tips are welcome and are highly appreciated. They indicate how satisfied you were with the service and immensely motivate your shoppers to provide services.

How Can I Pay for My Meijer Grocery Delivery?

You can pay for your Meijer grocery delivery using any major US credit and debit cards, including reloadable Mastercards and Visas.

American Express customers should enter the number at the back of their card rather than the four-digit number at the front.

Regrettably, Meijer does not accept gift cards as payment for deliveries, nor do Instacart Meijer deliveries.

If you have a Meijer Home Delivery Credit, it is automatically rolled over to your next grocery order.

Can I Pay for My Meijer Grocery Delivery Using My EBT Card?

Your EBT card is only acceptable to a minimal range of food products. Therefore, you cannot use it to pay for your Meijer grocery deliveries.

However, you can use your EBT card to order qualifying products online at the stores that allow it and pay for delivery in any other acceptable manner.

Does Meijer Deliver Groceries Out of State?

Meijer delivers anywhere within the United States, so customers need not miss out on their favorite Meijer grocery products they have become accustomed to.

If the product you want to buy is not in the stores in your state, you can order it out of state and have it delivered to you, though it may cost you extra.

What If I Miss My Meijer Grocery Delivery?

When you miss your grocery delivery, you should contact customer support’s live chat on, in the app, or email

Alternatively, call (888) 807- 5537.

Schedule your Meijer delivery for when you or someone else will be home to receive the delivery to avoid the risk of perishable grocery items going bad.

In most cases, when the delivery driver fails to find anyone to receive the groceries, they call you to find alternative delivery options.

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Meijer grocery delivery offers shoppers a convenient way to shop for their groceries when they cannot go to the stores themselves.

However, customers should ensure they are home to receive the delivery to avoid inconvenience.

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