Does Meijer Price Match? (Walmart, Meijer Website, Prescriptions & More)

As one of the most popular retailers in the US, Meijer has rapidly transitioned into the people’s favorite grocery store.

In fact, the company commits to several cost-cutting techniques to attract more customers. However, these commitments often trigger this question: does Meijer price match? If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I discovered!

Does Meijer Price Match In 2024?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not price match with its competitors in 2024. The company discontinued its price match policy in 2013, which initially encouraged the matching of prices of non-grocery products. However, the company offers coupons and discounts to help loyal customers save money, and also strives to lower prices to outdo competitors.

If you want more insight into Meijer’s price adjustment strategies, including other stores that price match, keep reading for more useful facts!

Does Meijer Have a Price Match Guarantee?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not have a price match guarantee with its competitors.

Instead, the store has a Price Adjustment Policy that offers a refund of purchased items based on the advertised price.

According to the Price Adjustment Policy, Meijer offers customers the price difference of any advertised price for an item on sale in the weekly ad within a period of 10 days from the day of purchase.

However, some exceptions to the policy apply.  The exclusions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Special event days such as Meijer Credit Card events and mPerks
  • Limited quantities
  • Mail-rebate offers
  • Supplemental ads
  • Black Friday ads
  • Gift card promotions

It is also important to note that Meijer reserves the right to limit the timeframes and/or the quantities for all price-adjusted items.

Does Meijer Price Match Its Website?

Meijer does not price match its own website but can adjust the price of an item if the item is advertised for a lower price within ten days from the day of purchase.

If a customer purchases an item and notices a price drop through a weekly ad, they are eligible for a refund of the difference if the request meets all conditions.

How Else Can You Save at Meijer?

You can save some money at Meijer by signing up for the mPerks program. The program helps you gain redeemable coupons when shopping at the store.

Once you register to the mPerks program, you can clip coupons digitally and earn rewards whenever you purchase items at the store.

The rewards are personalized and may vary depending on the customer’s account.

Furthermore, you can opt into Pharmacy Rewards on a separate tab to earn points for each prescription filled.

Does Meijer Price Match Walmart?

As of today, Meijer does not price match both Walmart in-store and

The company discontinued its price matching program to pave the way for more techniques of helping customers save money.

Meijer is currently committed to offering the best deals to meet the customer’s expectations, making it difficult for the company to match its low prices with giant retailers like Walmart.

Does Meijer Price Match Amazon?

Does Meijer Price Match Amazon?

Meijer does not match the prices of online competitors such as Amazon. Meijer can only accept to adjust prices based on the weekly ad on its website.

Does Meijer Price Match Target?

Currently, Meijer does not price match items in Target stores, as well as online prices or ads.

Both Target and Meijer ensure that prices of items are affordable, set to encourage customer loyalty, hence driving Meijer to abolish the price match policy at the store.

Does Meijer Price Match Prescriptions?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not price match prescriptions.

Both the stores and the pharmacy do not subscribe to any price matching policy; hence customers cannot request price matching.

 What Stores Offer Price Matching?

Although Meijer does not price match with its competitors, customers can seek price matching programs in the following stores:

  • Walmart

Walmart price matches items based on the place of purchase. Walmart will match the price of an identical item advertised on for in-store purchases.

For items bought on, Walmart will match a lower price of the identical item from select online retailers.

In both instances, there is a set of terms and conditions that must be adhered to before Walmart offers the price match.

  • Target

Target has a Price Match policy that allows customers to request a price adjustment when the price of a qualifying item is less at

This also applies to select online competitors and Target ads.

If a customer finds a lower price of an item 14 days after the purchase, they can present the proof and request a refund of the difference.

  • Big Lots

Big Lots offers customers a Price Match Guarantee that allows price matching of identical items from both in-store and online stores.

Hence, customers can compare the prices of Big Lots items and a competitor and request a price match.

Customers can also request price matching after making a purchase, as long as they present a receipt and proof of a lower price within seven days.

It is important to note that some exclusions and conditions apply to Big Lots’ price match guarantee.

  • Home Depot

Home Depot’s Low-Price guarantee program allows customers to compare the prices of an item with an identical and in-stock item of another retailer and request a refund of the difference.

In this case, you must provide proof of a lower price for an employee to validate the request. The proof can be in the form of an ad, a printout, or a photo.

The employee might call the competitor to determine if the price match request meets all the conditions of the Low-Price guarantee.

  • Lowe’s

Lowe’s Price promise offers customers price matching of items for both in-store and online purchases.

If a customer finds a lower price on an identical in-stock item from a different local retailer, an associate will match the prices of the items.

However, customers must present proof of the lower price and wait for validation by the associate after a review of the terms and conditions.

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Meijer does not have a price matching policy. Therefore, the store does not price match its website, prescription, or other stores. However, you can save at Meijer using the mPerk program, coupons, and the price adjustment policy.

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