Does Meijer Have Layaway? (All You Need to Know)

Since the great depression, layaway has been an option to purchase items whenever the economy is tight. Unfortunately, not all stores allow customers to buy products in installments.

 Therefore, if you want to know whether Meijer has a layaway program, read on to learn more!

Does Meijer Have Layaway In [currentyear]?

Meijer does not have layaway in [currentyear]. The store used to accept layaways but declined the program due to a lack of customer cooperation.  Moreover, Meijer also does not allow customers to reserve or put items on hold. However, if you are cash-strapped, you can use eLayaway and the Zip app to purchase products at Meijer.

For more information about why Meijer stopped the layaway purchase plan, other alternatives to purchasing at Meijer with limited, and much more, continue reading!

Why Did Meijer End Its Layaway Program?

Meijer ended its layaway program because customers were not cooperative. By the time Meijer got rid of layaway completely, only a few of its stores were offering the service.

Customers began to decline the layaway program, forcing Meijer to discontinue due to a lack of customer participation.

However, few customers would embrace the program, especially during holidays or special occasions, but the number was not sustainable.

What Alternatives Can I Use to Purchase at Meijer with Limited Funds?

What Alternatives Can I Use to Purchase at Meijer with Limited Funds?

Although Meijer does not have layaway, customers can use other mechanisms to purchase products when they don’t have sufficient funds:

Zip, formerly known as quad pay, or eLayaway.

Zip is a buy now pay later payment plan acceptable at Meijer, where you pay for your purchase in 4 installments within six weeks.

You are first required to pay 25% of the total purchase upfront, the first installment.

The remaining three installments are spread through the six weeks, at intervals of 2 weeks each.

Meijer accepts zip for online and in-store purchases through the zip app or retail partners. The service is ideal for visa-accepted platforms, online or in-store.

To use zip as a payment plan, you need to link the app with a credit or a debit card, where funds are automatically deducted.

You will receive a notification before ensuring you don’t miss a payment.

In addition, while paying for online purchases, the zip app generates a one-time visa number that auto-fills in place of regular debit or credit card details.

To use zip on Meijer’s website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and open the Zip app
  2. Search for Meijer in the list of stores
  3. Add to cart products you are looking to purchase
  4. Confirm order
  5. Proceed to check out
  6. Tap ‘Pay with Zip’
  7. Zip auto-fills card details
  8. Zip spreads payment into four installments
  9. Confirm payment

If you want to use zip for in-store purchase at Meijer, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Zip app
  2. Select the in-store tab
  3. Review your payment plan
  4. Add to wallet
  5. Tap to pay

The other alternative that Meijer accepts is eLayaway.

 It is a transformed version of layaway, and lets you receive your products before your payment is due. It is, therefore, not necessary to pay off your purchase prior.

To use eLayaway at Meijer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply for the eLayaway payment plan, which takes 7 minutes
  2. Once approved, you receive funds instantly
  3. Begin shopping at Meijer with the funds you receive
  4. Enjoy your bought items
  5. Pay for your purchase in installments until it pays off

How Do I Reserve or Put a Hold on an Item at Meijer?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not reserve or put items on hold, even when a customer does not have the money to pay for them at the time.

The main aim of this policy is to ensure fairness to all Meijer customers.

What Stores Offer Layaways?

Like Meijer, many stores no longer offer layaway plans. Nevertheless, some stores are still accepting the traditional layaway payment plan. They include:

  • Kmart
  • Sears
  • Burlington Coat Factory

Are Price Adjustments Available on Meijer’s Website?

Price adjustments are not available on at the time of purchase. The prices posted under each item are considered final.

Moreover, when you purchase a commodity from Meijer’s online platform, the store assumes you’ve already picked up the item or delivered it to you.

Therefore, previous orders are not subject to adjustments based upon past sale prices or promotions.

That being the case, if you want to purchase products at Meijer at lower prices, stay on the lookout for promotions and discounts.

 You can also use coupons to purchase products for less at Meijer.

What Is Meijer’s Price Adjustment Policy?

Meijer has a price adjustment policy that provides the difference of an advertised price for items under general merchandise or food that will be on weekly ads within ten days from purchase.

Nonetheless, there are exclusions such as:

  • Black Friday ads
  • Special event days include m-perks and Meijer Credit Card events
  • Limited quantities
  • Supplemental ads
  • Gift card promotions
  • Mail-in rebate offers

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Meijer no longer accepts layaway as a payment program. The store also does not allow customers to put on hold or reserve items to amplify fairness for all customers.

You can only purchase an item for a lesser amount if it is on discount or if you use coupons.

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