Does Meijer Have MoneyGram? (All You Need to Know)

MoneyGram is among the world’s largest money transfer companies, with contact points around the nation and the globe, especially with retail outlets.

That being said, if you would like to know whether Meijer is one of the retail outlets that offer MoneyGram services, please read on!

Does Meijer Have MoneyGram In 2024?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not offer MoneyGram services to its clients in 2024. However, Meijer customers can get almost similar services from Meijer’s partner Western Union. Alternatively, other retail outlets like Walmart and CVS offer MoneyGram services that customers can use. You can find the nearest MoneyGram agent by using the MoneyGram location finder.

Stay with me to find out more about the availability of MoneyGram or its alternatives at Meijer and many more useful facts!

Can I Get MoneyGram Services at Meijer?

Meijer does not offer MoneyGram services at any of its outlets. The retailer is already signed up with MoneyGram’s biggest competitor Western Union.

Meijer customers who wish to transfer money or use other financial services offered by MoneyGram may opt for Western Union.

What Services Can I Get at Meijer Instead of MoneyGram?

While Meijer does not offer MoneyGram services, customers can opt for Western Union and get similar services, perhaps even at a better price.

MoneyGram customers can send and receive money from almost anywhere in the world. They can buy money orders, pay bills, and load prepaid cards.

Meijer customers can access similar services through Western Union. Indeed, Western Union has a greater global presence than MoneyGram.

It is important to note that Meijer customers also pay less for their money orders than MoneyGram customers.

Where Else Can I Get MoneyGram Services?

MoneyGram has partnered with various grocery outlets, pharmacies, and other retailers to be the contact point for its services.

The company also has agents based all over the country and globally. Customers can also access MoneyGram services online.

Find out what MoneyGram agent is nearest to you by visiting the company’s online agent locater tool.

Once you get to the page, type in your zip code, and it will bring up the agents closest to you.

How Much Do MoneyGram Services Cost?

How Much Do MoneyGram Services Cost?

MoneyGram’s flagship service is money transfer. Within the United States, customers pay $1.99 for transfers paid for from online bank accounts.

If the payment is made with either a debit or credit card, the customer pays between $1.99 to $4.99 for transfers that amount to $300.

For every $100 extra transferred from a debit or credit card, the customer pays another $1.

MoneyGram money order prices vary with where you purchase it. Money orders bought at CVS cost $1.25 per $500, while those bought at Walmart cost $1 per $500.

How Does MoneyGram Funds Transfer Work?

To send money, follow this procedure:

However, the procedure varies depending on how the recipient is to receive the money.

  1. Log in to your MoneyGram account or register if you do not have one.
  2. Select Receiver or Send to Someone New if you have never sent the person money before. Please avoid sending money to people you do not know.
  3. Choose a payment method if you are sending the money online. Otherwise, select Direct to Bank Account/ Account Deposit or Debit Card Deposit depending on how the recipient will receive the cash.
  4. Enter receiver information.
  5. Review everything and send.

To receive, do the following:

  1. If the money is sent to your bank account, mobile wallet, or debit card, it reflects automatically and is accessible in the usual way.
  2. If the money is sent for cash pick up, you need to visit a MoneyGram agent, complete a form if required, hand over a valid ID, and receive your cash.

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Even though Meijer does not offer MoneyGram services, its customers have access to comparable services from Meijer’s partner Western Union.

MoneyGram services are available at such stores as Walmart and CVS, and online at You can also use a store locater to find an agent near you.

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