Does Meijer Sell Car Batteries? (All You Need to Know)

Meijer has an automotive department where customers can get a decent range of goods and services geared towards car ownership.

Therefore, you may wonder- can you buy car batteries at Meijer? What brands of car batteries does Meijer carry, and at what price? Keep reading to discover what I learned!

Does Meijer Sell Car Batteries In 2024?

Meijer’s automotive department sells Diehard and Powercell batteries in 2024. The store also sells car battery chargers. Further, EVgo has partnered with Meijer to set up charging stations at Meijer stores. Alternatively, customers may pick up their car batteries online, at auto stores, or at other grocery stores like Walmart.

Read on to discover further whether Meijer sells car batteries and what options are available at other stores!

Does Meijer Sell Car Batteries?

Meijer customers can buy car batteries from any Meijer outlet store. However, at times the batteries may be out of stock.

To know whether your local Meijer outlet has car batteries in store, you can visit the store, call in or look it up online. A Meijer associate will tell you when to check in again if they have run out.

What Brands of Car Batteries Does Meijer Sell?

Meijer sells the Diehard batteries through its partnership with Sears. The Diehard battery is built for durability and reliability in all car performance conditions.

Meijer also stocks the Powercell 58 3 12 Volt Silver and the Powercell 75/25 2 12 Volt Gold car batteries.

What Alternatives to Car Batteries Does Meijer Sell?

Meijer has partnered with EVgo to install EV charging stations at over 800 of Meijer’s grocery stores and outlets.

This move extends EVgo’s reach and brings convenience closer to customers, though only electric car owners can benefit.

The stations can charge all fast charge capable vehicles already on the market and are anticipated to come out soon at 100kW to 350kW.

What Car Battery Accessories Does Meijer Sell?

Though you may not be able to buy your car battery from Meijer, you can buy a car battery charger and battery terminals to go with it.

Meijer stocks the Schumacher SC9 Fully Automatic 10A Charger at $ 63.99, and the Schumacher 100/30/6/2 Amp battery charger/engine starter at $103.99.

The brand of the battery terminals Meijer stocks is the  Schumacher Battery terminal, Red and Blue, at $6.99s

Where Else Can I Buy Car Batteries?

Where Else Can I Buy Car Batteries? Meijer

When car batteries are out of stock at Meijer, you can buy them from any of the following places, depending on where you live:

  • Auto marts specializing in auto products and services like Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Batteries Plus.
  • Automotive departments of major retailers include Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Sam’s Club, and others. You can buy car batteries online or in-store.

To find out where to buy your particular car battery brand, head over to the store’s or company’s website and fill out your location in the shop finder.

Does Meijer Have Car Fuses?

Meijer sells the Bussmann Series blade fuses in an assortment of specifications.

A single ATM Fuse emergency kit contains eight multi-high amp fuses compatible with most domestic and imported cars. The fuses are made to the highest standards.

As a matter of fact, all Bussmann Series sold at Meijer meet or exceed SAE and OEM standards.

Can I Buy Car Batteries at

You can purchase car batteries from if the type of battery you want is available.

After purchase, you can opt to pick up the battery at your local Meijer store through curbside pickup.

Alternatively, you can use Instacart to purchase and deliver car batteries from

 If your preferred Meijer battery is out of stock, your Instacart personal shopper will adhere to your replacement preferences: locate a suitable match, replace it with a specific battery, or not replace it.

Does Meijer Have Car Stuff?

Meijer has an automotive department where its customers can buy products geared toward car ownership.

Some of these products include:

  • Goxt Adjustable Vent Mount Phone Holder
  • One 2Air Pet Rear Seat Protector
  • Armor All Wipes, Assortment, 3 ct
  • Custom Accessories Smoke-Free Ashtray
  • True Timber Kanati 2pc Low Back Seat Covers
  • Ozium Odor Eliminating Gel, Citrus Scent, 4.5 oz

You can buy car accessories either in-store or at

Moreover, customers can purchase more car-related products and services from Meijer gas stations.

Does Meijer Have 12 Volt Batteries?

Customers can buy the Powercell series, which is a 12 Volt car battery. Meijer stocks it in two models- the Powercell Silver and the Powercell Gold.

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Meijer customers can buy car batteries from the retailer. They can also purchase chargers and may charge their electric cars from Meijer outlets.

Moreover, car owners can buy their batteries from other outlets as well. However, before they purchase, they should ensure the batteries are available by checking online or calling beforehand.

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