Does Sam’s Club Give Military Discounts? (Full Guide)

Those who serve or have served in the military undergo an extreme amount of sacrifice to keep the country safe. In return, several retail stores offer military personnel discounts when they return home.  

So, you may be wondering if Sam’s Club is one of the retail stores that gives a military discount. Here is everything I found out about the military discounts at Sam’s Club!  

Does Sam’s Club Give Military Discounts?

Sam’s Club offers active and retired military personnel and their families a $10 Sam’s Club gift card that needs to be used within the first 60 days after signing up or renewing a membership. Military personnel must present a valid form of identification proving they have served in the military to redeem this offer in-stores. 

To find out what forms of military identification are valid at Sam’s Club and who qualifies for the gift card, continue reading!  

How Much Is The Military Discount At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is currently offering a $10 gift card for the men and women who have served in the military that join or renew their membership in stores.  

This offer needs to be used within the first 60 days of signing up or renewing a membership and must be redeemed in-store. Members who qualify for the gift card can use it on a wide array of products both in-store and online.  

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not offer an ongoing military discount for veterans and active military members like other retail stores do.  

Who Qualifies For Sam’s Club’s Military Discount?

Whether you have a Club or Plus level membership plan at Sam’s Club, you can qualify for the military discount. However, Sam’s Club does require you to show proof of military service.  

The military membership gift card covers the following groups of people.  

  • Active military personnel  
  • Retired military personnel  
  • Veterans  
  • Civilian military employees 
  • Military spouses 

To receive this offer, Sam’s Club asks that you show a valid United States military identification. The documents that Sam’s Club considers proof of military service include: 

  • Active military ID issued by the Department of Defense  
  • Retired military ID issued by the Department of Defense  
  • Copy of DD-214, with valid photo ID  
  • Veterans Identification Card (VIC) 
  • Membership card from a military service organization  
  • Common Access Card (CAC) 
  • Veterans Administration membership benefits card  

Bring one of these forms of military ID along with a valid driver’s license if you have one to the Membership Desk at your local Sam’s Club.  

Unfortunately, if you do not have one of these forms of ID to prove your service in the military, Sam’s Club cannot offer the military gift card.  

Do You Have To Be A Sam’s Club Member To Receive The Military Discount? 

To redeem the $10 gift card Sam’s Club offers for military personnel, you must be an existing/renewing or new member.  

Does Sam’s Club Offer Any Discounted Memberships?

Does Sam’s Club Offer Any Discounted Memberships?

Sam’s Club does not discount any individual membership plan, regardless of any sort of circumstances.  

However, Sam’s Club does offer businesses the Partner Membership Program.  

This program is designed to help enhance a business’s incentives for employees by offering them access to quality products at Sam’s Club. 

For a business to qualify for this program, it must have at least 250 employees on staff. To find out more about this program, visit your local Sam’s Club’s Membership Desk, or give them a call!  

Does Sam’s Club Accept Checks From A Military Address?

Yes, Sam’s Club does accept checks from members who reside at a military address for in-store purchases. Sam’s Club does not accept checks as an acceptable form of payment for any online orders.  

Does Sam’s Club Ship Products To A Military Address?

If you live at a military address, you are probably wondering if you can have products from Sam’s Club delivered to your home.  

Items that ship Value by the United States Postal Service can be delivered to military addresses. However, not all Value shipped products are eligible to be delivered.  

If the item you want to be delivered is restricted to your location, the Sam’s Club website will notify you upon entering your APO/FPO address 

What Restrictions Does USPS Have When Shipping To Military Addresses?

To check if your military address cannot receive packages sent from Sam’s Club, visit the USPS website and see the Post Bulletin 

On the Post Bulletin, you can type in your zip code and learn what products are restricted.  

What Other Stores Have A Military Discount?

Some stores have ongoing military discounts, like 10% off a purchase each time you show your military ID.  

Also, some stores are like Sam’s Club and only offer a one-time discount for active and retired military members and their families.  

For example, Sam’s Club’s top competitor, Costco, offers military members a $30 Costco Shop Card when they sign up for a new membership.  

Some stores that offer a continual discount for military personnel and their families include: 

  • Bass Pro Shops  
  • Foot Locker  
  • Joann  
  • Nike  

Retail stores are not the only type of stores that offer military discounts. Active and retired military personnel can also receive ongoing discounts at the following types of stores: 

  • Travel  
  • Rental cars  
  • Banking & Insurance  
  • Restaurants  
  • Museums  
  • Jewelry  
  • Entertainment 

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Sam’s Club offers active and retired military personnel and their families a $10 Sam’s Club gift card upon proof of military service.  

Some of the acceptable documents that prove military service include an active or retired military card issued by the Department of Defense and a VIC.  

Additionally, Sam’s Club will ship certain products to a military address that the USPS approves.  

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