Is Subway Halal? (Cookies, Sauces, Meats + More)

As a worldwide chain, it could be assumed that Subway would offer food suitable for everyone, including those who can only eat halal products (approved by Islamic religious law).

Therefore, does Subway, in fact, offer halal food products? If you’d like to find out, continue reading this article to see what I learned!

Is Subway Food Halal?

There aren’t any US Subway restaurants currently offering halal meat products or halal menu options. According to their website, Subway has no plans to change this and offer halal meat products or open any halal-serving restaurants within the US. However, some halal Subway franchises exist in the UK and Ireland.

If you’d like to learn more about which foods at Subway are halal and other options the company has for alternative foods, continue reading this article to see what I learned!

Is All Meat at Subway Halal?

In the United States, there are currently no halal meat products nor any halal-serving restaurants in general, meaning none of the meat currently offered at Subway franchises in the US is halal.

However, some Subway restaurants outside of the US offer halal options or a fully halal menu, and these stores are signposted with a label on the door.

Are Subway Cookies Halal?

Halal food items are those that do not contain any meat, blood, or alcohol. Therefore,  the cookies in Subway are halal, as they do not contain any of the above ingredients.

Are Subway Sauces Halal?

Similar to the cookies, Subway sauces are considered halal provided they do not contain any forbidden (haram) ingredients, such as meat or alcohol.

To be certain, though, check with your local Subway as to the ingredients in the dressing before ordering.

Is Subway Bread Halal?

Subway bread can be considered halal because it is not made using any meat or alcohol. However, if you are unsure as to the integrity of the bread, check with staff to ensure no haram ingredients are included.

Are Subway Wraps Halal?

As with other options, choosing wraps that do not contain meat, alcohol, or any other haram ingredients will ensure that your choice is halal.

Additionally, vegetarian and fish fillings and halal sauces allow you to consume Subway wraps if you are eating halal. However, always check before ordering to ensure everything you have chosen is halal.

Are Subway Salads Halal?

Subway salads are halal, provided you create a salad that does not contain meat. As Subway meat is not halal in the US, the only salad option for those who require halal meat is the vegetarian salad option.

In addition, fish is considered halal, so it would be a suitable topping for a halal salad at Subway.

Are Subway Breakfast Options Halal?

Are Subway Breakfast Options Halal?

Like with other Subway menu options, the breakfast choices that contain meat are not halal, as Subway does not serve halal meat in the US.

Choosing a vegetarian, fish, or non-meat-containing option from the breakfast menu is an option for those requiring a halal meal when eating at Subway.

Why Does Subway Not Offer Halal Options?

Though Subway states on its website that they have no intention of opening any halal-serving restaurants in the US, it doesn’t offer a reason for this decision.

A potential reason for Subway not serving halal meat is that they may not be able to guarantee the meat’s genuity.

As it is, Subway attests to serving their communities in the local area of each franchise and may have decided that there is no place for halal meat in any of their customer bases in the US.

What Can I Eat at Subway That Is Halal?

It would appear that eating vegetarian options, like the Veggie Delight and other vegetarian salads and sandwich options, is the best choice for anyone wanting to dine at a Subway restaurant and looking for a halal option.

While the cheese, vegetables, and other fillings are likely halal, always check first about the preparation and processing to ensure that what you’re eating is halal.

In addition to the vegetarian options, fish options would also be considered halal at Subway as fish is considered halal.

Note that you are able to ask Subway staff to change their gloves between making sandwiches containing meat and those that don’t to ensure that there is no cross-contamination.

At Subway, you can also eat cookies, muffins, and other confectionery, as well as chips that are considered halal, provided they do not contain any meat products. Subway drinks, too, are halal unless they contain alcohol.

If you are planning a trip to Subway, then calling ahead to ensure they can accommodate your needs is always a good option.

Overall, it appears that the best options for those eating halal at Subway are to choose the vegetarian options of subs and salad, confectioneries, chips, and drinks that do not contain alcohol or meat.

Does Subway Offer Kosher Options?

According to their FAQs, Subway in the US does not require any of their food manufacturers to make certified kosher foods. In spite of this, there have been kosher Subway franchises in the past, though none currently remain open.

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