Does Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol? (All You Need To Know)

Food delivery services have grown in popularity, and many of them have expanded their offerings by introducing alcohol to their menus.

As one of the most popular food delivery services in the world, Uber Eats is a strong candidate for alcohol deliveries. To find out if the company has taken this route, read on!

Does Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol In 2024?

Uber Eats delivers alcohol but only in certain areas and under certain conditions as of 2024. Anyone who orders or delivers alcohol through Uber Eats needs to be at least the legal drinking age. If you place a large order for alcohol on Uber Eats, it might be delivered by more than one courier.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about ordering alcohol from Uber Eats, including the requirements to do so, restrictions, and more!

When Did Uber Eats Start Delivering Alcohol?

Uber Eats started delivering alcohol on a very small scale in certain cities within the UK and Australia to test the model before wider implementation.

In Australia, alcohol delivery was only available in Melbourne and had several restrictions on the conditions you had to meet for a successful delivery.

For starters, there were restrictions to comply with the law, such as needing to be over 18 and your order being canceled if the driver noticed you were already drunk.

However, there were other restrictions, most notably how you could only get a maximum of six beers or one bottle of wine per order.

Further, Uber Eats started delivering alcohol in the US in 2019 on a small scale as a test before expanding the program.

Shortly after this, Uber acquired Drizly, an alcohol delivery service, for $1 billion in 2021; it used the company’s existing network to expand its reach.

At the time, Drizly was operating across more than 1,600 cities in 33 states, and Uber Eats would include its marketplace to supplement the existing one.

When Won’t Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol?

When Won't Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol?

Uber Eats won’t deliver alcohol in the following situations:

  1. You’re under the legal drinking age, or you don’t have a way to prove you’re old enough
  2. Your driver determines that you’re already intoxicated
  3. You’re not the person that ordered, as indicated by the Uber Eats profile, and don’t have their government-issued ID
  4. If the container is broken before you get it, the driver will need to cancel the order and take it back to the store or restaurant

Uber Eats hasn’t put out a list of places where alcohol delivery is prohibited but going by overlaps in rival services like DoorDash; you can assume the following locations are off-limits:

  1. Private and public schools from kindergarten to 12th grade
  2. College campuses, including frat houses
  3. Prisons or reformatories
  4. State capitol grounds
  5. Other businesses that sell alcohol, such as bars and liquor stores

Will Uber Eats ID Me For Alcohol?

Uber Eats will ID you for alcohol because it’s required by law.

Also, Uber directs drivers making alcohol deliveries to ask for a valid ID before handing it over, whether or not you look like you’re old enough.

For alcohol deliveries from Uber Eats, it’s best to have a valid government-issued ID with your date of birth and picture on it, like a driver’s license or passport.

Moreover, “valid ID” here means something that hasn’t expired yet; otherwise, the drivers are instructed to return the alcohol to the restaurant or store.

Additionally, non-government-issued IDs like library cards and school IDs can be used but only to supplement the information on the primary one if needed.

When you hand over the ID, your driver will have to scan it or enter the details manually into the app.

Then, if the person picking up the delivery isn’t the same person listed in the app, the driver will need to see the ID from both parties, or they’ll have to return the order, regardless of the potential recipient’s age.

How Do I Turn Off Alcohol Delivery On Uber Eats?

You can turn off alcohol delivery requests on Uber Eats if you’d opted in by contacting the support team via the “Help” section in the drivers’ app or on

Remember, delivering alcohol on Uber Eats is only available to drivers that are at least the legal drinking age in that country.

Also, the drivers have to opt in, meaning that if they don’t want to, they won’t get those orders.

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Uber Eats delivers alcohol but only in limited markets. To order or deliver alcohol via Uber Eats, you need to be at least the legal drinking age where you’re based.

Also, Uber Eats will ID you for alcohol, and you’ll need to provide a valid form of government-issued ID that has your photo and date of birth, like a passport or driver’s license.

Moreover, Uber Eats drivers won’t deliver alcohol if you don’t have a valid, unexpired ID that matches the profile that made the order or if they can tell that you’re already intoxicated.

Finally, Uber Eats has been delivering alcohol since 2017 in limited markets but acquired Drizly in 2021 for $1 billion to increase these efforts.

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