Does Walmart Cash Savings Bonds? [All You Need To Know]

Savings bonds are a useful way of making a low-risk investment that can be cashed after a long period of time to reap the rewards.

Since Walmart’s Money Center offers a variety of check-cashing services, you may be wondering: does Walmart cash savings bonds? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Walmart Cash Savings Bonds?

No, Walmart does not cash any savings bonds. Instead, you can visit a local bank or credit union to cash a paper savings bond. Electronic bonds can be cashed through the TreasuryDirect portal. You can only cash a savings bond after at least one year of ownership.

To learn more about the places where you can cash a savings bond and the process of cashing a paper and electronic bond, keep on reading!

Where Can You Cash Savings Bonds?

You can cash a paper series EE, E, or I type savings bond at any local financial institution such as a bank or credit union. Electronic bonds can be easily cashed online through the TreasuryDirect website.

If you have a Series HH bond, however, you will not be able to cash it directly from a local bank.

Instead, the local bank will verify your ownership of the bond and send it to the Treasury Retail Securities Services, which will pay the amount for your bond through direct deposit.

When Can You Cash Savings Bonds?

You have to wait for 12 months (one year) before you can cash a series EE, E, or I-type savings bond.

However, note that if you cash your bond before five years have passed, you will have to pay the penalty for cashing the bond.

You can cash your savings bond after one year without paying the penalty if you have faced a natural disaster or your bond is no longer earning any interest.

How Can You Cash Paper Savings Bonds?

Visit a local bank or credit union with the following:

  • The savings bond you want to cash
  • A proof of identity (contact the institution in advance to find out what is accepted as proof of ID)
  • If you are named as a beneficiary, you must bring along the official death certificate of the previous owner of the bond

As long as you have these documents, the process of cashing a savings bond will be quick and easy.

How Can You Cash Electronic Savings Bonds?

To cash an electronic savings bond, log in to the TreasuryDirect portal, enter your credentials, and follow the directions provided. The amount will be credited to your savings or checking account (based on your selection) in two business days.

How Much Can You Cash At One Time?

For paper bonds, there is no official limit to the amount you can cash, and so this may vary across banks and other financial institutions.

However, you cannot cash a portion of the savings bond, i.e. you must cash the full amount.

For electronic bonds, you can cash any amount above $25 in 1-cent increments. If you decide to cash a partial amount only, you must leave at least $25 in the TreasuryDirect account.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Cash Savings Bonds?

Walmart does not cash any type (EE, E, I, or HH) savings bonds at any of its stores. However, you can get paper bonds cashed through a local bank or credit union and electronic bonds cashed through the TreasuryDirect portal. You must wait for one year after buying a savings bond before you can cash it.

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