Does Walmart Change Spark Plugs? [Pricing, Wait Time, Locations + More] 

Walmart dominates America’s retail landscape with the sale of fresh groceries, household essentials, and homewares. But over the recent years, customers have seen an influx of additional convenient services such as the Auto Care Center. 

Trained mechanics can fit tires, change lube, and replenish your motor’s oil. But does Walmart change spark plugs? I’ve conducted plenty of research, and here’s what I found!

Does Walmart Change Spark Plugs?

Some Walmart locations provide tune-ups and change spark plugs at stores with an Auto Care Center. Typically, this service can cost $32-$98, and prices are influenced by the spark plug size, the type of spark plug, and the car model. Walmart mechanics usually take around an hour to replace a spark plug.

If you’d like to know more details on which spark plugs are available at Walmart, pricing, and where else you can change spark plugs, keep reading! 

How Much Does Walmart Charge To Tune-Up Or Change Spark Plugs? 

If you notice a decline in your car’s fuel efficiency, it could mean you need to replace your spark plugs. Luckily, Walmart charges very little for spark plugs alone. However, replacement services cost $32-$98. 

Prices vary from car to car due to the car’s model, the metal used to manufacture the spark plug, and size. A technician will gladly give you an accurate quote based on your vehicle. Simply drop by your local Auto Care Center or give them a call. 

The price for tuning up your vehicle’s spark plug is considerably higher depending on your zip code. Here’s an idea of zip codes and their prices: 

  • 90805 costs $50 
  • 33025 costs $50 
  • 48219 costs $125 
  • 95818 costs $200 

How Long Does Walmart Take To Change Spark Plugs? 

Walmart mechanics typically take around an hour to change a spark plug.

However, customers should allow up to 4 hours for the job to be completed. Consider taking your car to an Auto Care Center on a day you do not need to do a lot of driving. 

Where Can I Change Spark Plugs At Walmart? 

Customers should receive spark plug changing services at more than 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers located across the nation in conjunction with Walmart Supercenters.

Most Centers are open Monday to Sunday from 8 am until 6 pm. Locate your nearest Auto Care Center online, where you’ll see independent opening hours. 

Does Walmart Sell Spark Plugs? 

Whether you’re a trained mechanic or prefer to use another garage, you may wish to purchase your own spark plug. Luckily, Walmart offers a wide variety that is suitable for many car models.  

Log your car details online to find out which spark plugs are suitable for your vehicle. Additionally, Walmart sells spark plugs made from copper, platinum, iridium, and gold. 

Customers can expect to pay as little as $2.35 and a maximum of $34. Spark plugs are sold directly from Walmart of third-party Marketplace sellers.

Discover brands such as Autolite, Motorcraft, ACDelco, Champion, NGK, E3, Accel, Denso, and Bosch.

Other Places That Change Spark Plugs 

If you are based in America, you can also purchase, change and tune up your vehicle’s spark plug at Midas, Mr. Tire, Pep Boys, AutoZone, and AutoNation.

Spark plugs typically cost $16-$100, while replacement labor charges are often around $40-$150. 

For other automotive services, you can see our other posts on whether or not Walmart does coolant flushes, changes transmission fluid, and if Walmart takes old tires and used oil.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Change Spark Plugs? 

Yes, Walmart Auto Centers will tune-up your spark plug or replace it altogether. Customers can expect to pay $32-$98; prices vary depending on size, the metal used to manufacture, and car type.

Spark plugs typically take one hour to replace or tune; however, you should allow up to 4 hours. Walmart also sells individual spark plugs from $2.35-$34 in-store but mainly online. 

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