Does Walmart Have A Fax Machine? [Full Guide] 

Walmart prides itself on offering an incredible range of products and services to its millions of everyday customers.

However, you may be wondering if Walmart has a fax machine that customers can use. Here is everything I have managed to find out on this topic!

Does Walmart Have A Fax Machine?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not provide fax machines or fax-sending services to any of its customers. Walmart customers can instead fax documents at Staples, Office Depot, business centers, universities, and public libraries.

To learn more about other locations where to send a fax, and whether or not Walmart sells fax machines, keep on reading!

Do Any Other Stores Offer Access To A Public Fax Machine? 

Although Walmart does not offer access to a public fax machine, there are still a number of accessible places that will allow customers access to a fax machine.

These places include:

  • Office supply stores, such as Staples, USPS, and Office Depot. These fax machines can be accessed at all times while the store is open. 
  • Business centers such as internet cafes and coworking spaces may offer a fax machine for public use, which can cost as low as $2 per page. 
  • Libraries may offer access to a public fax machine. Check with your local library to see what kinds of facilities they can offer to you. 
  • Schools and universities may give access to a fax machine for their students if there is one on campus. Students may even be able to access such a facility for free.

How Much Does It Cost To Use A Fax Machine?

The cost to access a fax machine can vary wildly from location to location.

Certain locations may offer access to a fax machine completely free of charge, locations such as schools, universities, and offices, which may make frequent use of such machines.

Fax machines generally cost the same amount to use, as a phone call costs to make (5-10¢ per page). Fax machines make use of a landline connection to send messages from machine to machine. 

Thus, the cost of faxing can depend on whether the recipient is within the same country, or if a number is included with the package for the landline connection.

Does Walmart Sell Fax Machines?

Although Walmart does not give the public access to any sort of fax machine within their stores, they do sell a large range of fax machines that can be purchased in-store and online. 

The prices of their fax machines can vary greatly, with some selling for around $150, and some selling for up to $500.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Have A Fax Machine? 

Currently, Walmart does not give access to a public fax machine for customers to use. Despite this, a large number of accessible retailers do offer access, such as staples, as well as institutions such as offices and universities.  

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