Does Wayfair Offer Assembly? (All You Need to Know)

For many people, purchasing furniture is just half the battle, and the other half comes when the item arrives, and you must begin the process of putting it together.

Wayfair is one of the most popular websites for buying furniture, but some of its products contain many parts and take hours to assemble. So, you might be wondering, Does Wayfair offer assembly? And if so, is it free? Well wonder no more, because I have the answer you need!

Does Wayfair Offer Assembly in 2024?

Wayfair does offer assembly on certain items for an additional fee in 2024. That fee tends to be rather hefty, sometimes as much as half the cost of the item itself. Wayfair has a partnership with Handy, a third party home improvement company, to handle all of its assemblies. All Handy assemblers are background checked.

To learn more about how you can add assembly to your Wayfair order, how Handy works with Wayfair, and even if Wayfair furniture comes with instructions, so you can go it alone, keep reading!

Can You Add Assembly to Wayfair?

You can add assembly to Wayfair, but only to certain items. So, to see if you can add assembly, navigate to the product page and scroll to where it says Add to Cart.

If assembly is available with that specific product, under What We Offer it will say Expert Assembly for $XX.

To add it to your order, simply check the box for Expert Assembly.

If you add the item to your cart without checking the box for Expert Assembly, but then you change your mind, you can also add it at Checkout.

Simply navigate to your shopping cart, locate the item, and underneath it will say “Expert Assembly by Handy for $XX”; you can click the “Add” link.

Next, the assembly option will be added to your cart. Once you have added the assembly option, and you are ready to check out, proceed as usual.

You’ll then receive an email from Handy, the company Wayfair has partnered with for expert assembly.

They’ll schedule a time, based on your delivery date, to send someone out to assemble the item for you.

If that time doesn’t work, for example, because no one is going to be home, you can reschedule; the link to do so is right in the email.

On the day of, your Handy professional will have all the tools and equipment they need to assemble your item(s).

If you are unhappy for any reason with the assembly, reach out to Handy, and they will send someone over to make it right.

Also, if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you can do so 24 hours before the appointment is set without penalty.

A rescheduling or cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment is subject to fees.

How Does Handy by Wayfair Work?

How Does Handy by Wayfair Work?

Handy, the home improvement company that connects its partners with expert assemblers, works with Wayfair to provide in-home assembly services.

You simply pay for the services at checkout, schedule or reschedule an appointment to fit your needs, and then wait for the professional to come and assemble your item.

What Does Partial Assembly Mean at Wayfair?

Partial assembly on a Wayfair item means that the item comes assembled to a point, and the customer will have to complete assembly on their own.

It’s not as taxing on your time or efforts as full assembly required, and in some cases, as with nightstands, you can search solely based on partial assembly required.

Does Wayfair Furniture Come With Instructions?

Wayfair furniture definitely comes with instructions so that you can complete the assembly all on your own.

If, for some reason, the instructions are missing, you can try navigating to the product page on and looking for the instructions there.

Many, but not all, items feature the assembly instructions in digital format.

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Wayfair does offer assembly through their partner Handy, which provides fully background-checked professional assemblers right to your front door at a time of your choosing.

Further, for those who don’t wish to pay the rather hefty price for assembly, some items come partially assembled, and Wayfair always includes the instructions for those going it alone.

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