Dollar Tree Complaints (Contact Details, How to Make a Complaint, Are They Taken Seriously + More)

Dollar Tree is synonymous with low cost, convenient shopping. For many communities, Dollar Tree is the go-to place to look for party and craft supplies, toiletries, and more.

Yet, for all of its popularity, Dollar Tree customers may occasionally wonder how to contact Dollar Tree regarding complaints. Here is what I found out about this topic!

How to File a Complaint to Dollar Tree In 2024

Customers who wish to file a complaint with Dollar Tree may do so a number of different ways, including calling the phone number 1-877-530-TREE. Complaints are often handled via this phone number, but if this does not resolve the issue, there is also an email address: Additionally, anyone with a complaint might want to make it known to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

For more information about filing a complaint with Dollar Tree, contact info, and more, continue reading!

How Do I Contact Dollar Tree?

There are a number of ways to reach out to Dollar Tree, including via phone, email and more. Here are several ways to get in touch with Dollar Tree:

  • Phone number: 1-877-530-TREE (8733)
  • Call Dollar Tree’s Corporate Office Number: (757) 321-5000
  • Email:
  • Use Dollar Tree’s Support Form
  • Dollar Tree complaint website:
  • Tweet Dollar Tree
  • Send mail to Dollar Tree Corporate Head Office address: 500 Volvo Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Are Complaints Taken Seriously at Dollar Tree?

Judging by the customer reviews, Dollar Tree in general does take complaints seriously, and the majority of customers say that they’re satisfied with their experience.

This would appear to indicate that complaints are taken into consideration.

However, each store and manager may handle complaints slightly differently, so depending on the location, complaints may or may not be resolved to a customer’s satisfaction.

What Are the Most Common Complaints That People Make About Dollar Tree?

What Are the Most Common Complaints That People Make About Dollar Tree?

The most common complaints about Dollar Tree involve issues with employees, including rude cashiers and other similar problems.

Other common complaints that customers have mentioned include tax on items that customers say should be non-taxable, store policies in general, and disorganized store aisles.

As far as store employees’ complaints about Dollar Tree go, a common one revolves around pay. Other common complaints include difficulty getting time off.

How Do I Complain About a Manager at Dollar Tree?

Often, when a complaint about a store is made, the first place a customer turns is to the manager. However, if the problem is caused by a manager, obviously that changes things.

To complain about a manager at Dollar Tree, the customer feedback form on Dollar Tree’s website is a good place to start.

This form allows you to select from a list of options, including issues with a rude store employee and more.

Another option would be to simply call the Dollar Tree phone number, and file a complaint that way. However, sometimes calling can mean waiting on hold for a few minutes or more.

On the other hand, if you are a store employee with an issue involving your store manager, another way to handle it may be to speak to the next higher up manager.

Ultimately, it might need to require reaching out to corporate, but not necessarily. Many times, such situations can be resolved at the store level.

Can I Sue Dollar Tree?

While many, if not most customer complaints will not warrant legal action, there may be instances where a lawsuit is justified.

In these cases, it may be that a customer will decide to sue.

Additionally, employees of the store chain may decide to sue as well if the situation deems it necessary.

Of course, when considering a lawsuit, it’s best to have a good lawyer and make sure you are well versed on the process.

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While Dollar Tree is a popular place to shop for low-priced items, some people may encounter issues at times with rude employees, out-of-stock products, or more. There are several ways to lodge a complaint about a problem at Dollar Tree.

Complaints about Dollar Tree can be made by contacting Dollar Tree directly via phone, email, mail, or the online feedback form. Additionally, anyone can also follow Dollar Tree on twitter and comment there.

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  1. they ignored complaints , no reply , their support is horrible. they dont respond to social media messenger either. trying to get justice for rude lying manager making falsified report with the police and banning me because i am deaf. lied on the report claiming i was rude to her. i didnt say anything to that woman at all. i was speaking to the man who accused me of kicking his truck (while i was inside shopping) . regional manager says she is investigating and blocked my email address and i got no further replies. their codes are a joke! dollar tree is a horrible company!

  2. Hi everytime I go shopping in dollar tree iam being watch iam getting sick of it iam not doing anything wrong iam just shopping I love shopping at dollar but I don’t like being watch or follow one of the girls that work there she follow me out side this needs to stop please talk to the manager Heather please thank f

  3. Asst mgr at store #5827 in Wakefield ma is very rude and lazy I’ve waited in line with 12 people ahead of me and she completely ignored the cashiers request for backup as she was returning non perishable items. She also told me “sir the store is closed “ it was 9:55 pm and store hrs are open until 10pm, I responded that I needed 1 item ( toilet paper) and I knew where it was and it would take me less than a minute to complete my transaction, as there were no other customers in the store, she responded that “that’s too bad I want to go home at 10” in a rude and demeaning manner, there is also another employee who has complete conversations with herself as she is checking you out. Ittnot only unnerving but a little scary , don’t get me wrong I believe in hiring people with disabilities but she is mentally ill snd unstable. Kindly adress these issues, as I am a daily consumer ( I live 2 doors away) thank you in advance for your assistance

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