Dollar Tree Dress Code (Hair, Tattoos, Shorts, Leggings + More)

Many stores expect their employees to follow a dress code to increase the sense of ownership among employees and make it easier for customers to seek help.

So if you’ve recently received an offer from Dollar Tree, you may be wondering – what is Dollar Tree’s dress code? Here is everything I’ve found out about this!

Dollar Trees Dress Code Policy

Employees at Dollar Tree are required to wear a green or white polo shirt along with black or khaki-colored pants that should fall below the knees. Additionally, Dollar Tree employees can wear hats with the Dollar Tree logo at work but are not allowed to wear open-toe shoes.

If you want to learn more about what employees can wear at Dollar Tree, whether Dollar Tree allows employees to have piercings and tattoos, and much more, keep on reading!

Can Dollar Tree Employees Wear Shorts Or Ripped Pants To Work?

Employees of Dollar Tree are not permitted to wear shorts or ripped jeans, particularly those that go above the knee.

Instead, they are expected to wear black pants and a uniform shirt during their shifts at the store.

Note that while some stores allow employees to wear shorts, these are extremely rare, and the official policy of Dollar Tree forbids wearing shorts in-store.

What Type Of Shoes Can You Wear At Dollar Tree?

At Dollar Tree, you will need to wear comfortable sneakers and avoid open-toe shoes, flip-flops, and other dressy footwear like sandals and crocs/clogs.

Keep in mind that you’ll be standing for the entire shift, so comfortable sneakers are a necessity.

Also, closed-toe shoes will protect you if you are handling bulky or dangerous packages, which is why Dollar Tree does not permit open-toe shoes.

Can You Wear Hats And Head Coverings At Dollar Tree?

You can wear hats all day long at Dollar Tree as long as they have the company logo on them.

In fact, some district managers allow and encourage the wearing of these specific hats at work.

Does Dollar Tree Allow Employees To Have Piercings?

Does Dollar Tree Allow Employees To Have Piercings?

You can have various kinds of piercings as a worker at Dollar Tree, as long as you follow the dress code that requires you to wear company-branded colors while on duty.

If you have visible piercings, your manager may allow you to work at the store as long as they’re not distracting to customers or other employees.

Some store branches even respect their employees’ appearance preferences and permit them to continue working regardless of the type of piercings they have.

Does Dollar Tree Allow Employees To Wear Visible Tattoos?

Whether you can have visible tattoos or not will be at the discretion of the store manager who hires you.

In most stores, employees are allowed to have visible tattoos; however, offensive tattoos which are sexual or show sensitive/private parts of the body are not allowed.

Additionally, the company seems to adopt a progressive mindset and has been hiring people who wear tattoos for the past couple of years.

If you’re not sure about whether you can have tattoos while working at a nearby Dollar Tree store, speak to your store manager or store employees to find out the policy they follow.

What Should You Wear To Your Dollar Tree Interview?

To stand out at your job interview for Dollar Tree, you should wear dressier clothes that indicate professionalism without being overly formal.

Many applicants have identical or similar qualifications, and so dressing up for the job can allow managers to see which candidates are serious about getting employed.

In some cases, this may even be the reason for you getting hired over other candidates.

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All employees at Dollar Tree are required to dress in a specific uniform, which consists of green or white polo shirts and black or khaki-colored pants that fall below the knees.

Along with that, employees should wear comfortable sneakers and avoid open-toe shoes, partly for safety reasons. Tattoos and piercings are allowed at most stores, as long as they don’t have offensive content or are distracting.

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