Dollar Tree Termination Policy (All You Need to Know)

Different retail stores in the U.S. employ a variety of ways to evaluate employees and specify their own criteria for what can lead to termination.

So if you are looking to work at Dollar Tree as an associate, you may be wondering – what is Dollar Tree’s termination policy? Here is what I’ve found out about this through my research!

Dollar Tree Termination Policy

Dollar Tree can terminate employees for not fulfilling job responsibilities, stealing, harassment, using illegal drugs, criminal conviction, or conflict of interest. Employees generally receive 3 write-ups (warnings) before they are terminated. Note that Dollar Tree can terminate the contract for any reason without prior notice.

If you want to learn more about the number of write-ups, you can get before termination, whether you can sue Dollar Tree for wrongful termination, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is Dollar Tree’s Termination Policy?

According to Dollar Tree’s code of conduct and termination policy, the following reasons may lead to dismissal from your job:

  • Harassment and discrimination against any colleague, customer, or vendor 
  • Making false allegations on purpose or providing false information in investigations knowingly
  • Using illegal drugs and alcohol 
  • Failure to meet job responsibilities consistently 
  • Repeated uninformed absenteeism or tardiness 
  • Criminal conviction and guilty plea 
  • Mishandling company’s confidential information, assets, and intellectual property 
  • Being involved in or supporting corruption, money laundering, and terrorism 
  • Engaging or influencing others to engage in unfair political activities 
  • Conflict of interest for personal benefit or the benefit of a family member at the cost of the company’s interest

Additionally, keep in mind that Dollar Tree hires employees on an at-will basis.

This means that the company can terminate your contract for any of the above reasons without giving you prior notice.

How Many Write-Ups Can You Get Before Termination At Dollar Tree? 

How Many Write-Ups Can You Get Before Termination At Dollar Tree? 

A write-up is a formal warning that Dollar Tree issues to its employees for violating company policies or engaging in a way that is against the company’s values and code of conduct. 

Some possible reasons for getting a write-up could be showing up late at work, being absent without due permission, or being dishonest in professional dealings. 

Although it is not a strict rule, you are likely to get terminated from the job if you get three write-ups in a particular time period.

Note that Dollar Tree may allow you to continue working even beyond that or consider dismissing you immediately without a write-up, depending on the severity of the violation. 

Does Dollar Tree Pay Out Sick Time When You Quit? 

At Dollar Tree, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to authorize payment for any missed time.

However, employees are always paid their sick time if they meet the following conditions:

  • They work at least 35 hours per week
  • They have worked for at least 90 days at full-time status 
  • They have shown a health certificate or doctor’s note, as requested by the supervisor 
  • They have not exceeded a maximum of 10 sick days per calendar year 

If you meet these conditions and your supervisor has authorized the compensation, you may get paid for sick time. 

However, keep in mind that some state rules do not obligate the employer to pay out missed hours when an employee quits.

So it is best to check up with your supervisor in advance regarding the sick time payout rules for your store.

Do You Need To Give Prior Notice Before Quitting From Dollar Tree?

Although employees have the right to end their contracts with the company for any reason without prior notice, it is better to leave with a 2-week notice period.  

If you do not give any prior notice, you may hurt your chances of getting a good referral or being considered for other relevant positions at Dollar Tree in the future.

Why Do Employees Quit From Dollar Tree?

Some reasons why employees voluntarily resign from Dollar Tree are as follows:

  • Low salary 
  • Better job opportunities elsewhere
  • Unsatisfactory experience during the initial 30-day probation period 
  • Conflicting work schedule with other personal or professional engagements 
  • Unpleasant experience with the work culture 

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