DoorDash PetSmart (How It Works, Ordering + Other FAQs)

DoorDash is a delivery company in the US that has sparked customer loyalty due to its reliability, convenience, and affordability.

However, if you wish to order PetSmart pet food or accessories through DoorDash, read on and learn how it works!

How Does DoorDash Work at PetSmart In 2024?

DoorDash has partnered with PetSmart to offer on-demand pet supplies and accessories delivery in 2024. Since DoorDash is a technology company that connects consumers to different businesses, the partnership enables pet-owners to receive same-day deliveries through DoorDash services. Consequently, customers can now order pet products online, and receive them through DoorDash Drive.

If you want to find more information on how DoorDash works at PetSmart, how to order pet supplies through DoorDash, how to track and cancel an order, and much more, keep reading!

How Does PetSmart Same Day Delivery Work Through DoorDash?

When you request same-day delivery of PetSmart products through DoorDash, you enjoy the convenience of choosing the day and time for delivery of the pet supplies.

Anytime you order through the DoorDash app or website, the company charges you delivery fees, as well as a service fee that is calculated as a percentage of the order subtotal.

The services are only available in selected locations, although DoorDash services are available in most locations.

To check if same-day delivery is available in your area, you will have to enter the delivery address on the DoorDash website or DoorDash mobile app.

Once you select the product that you need, select the available delivery period. Afterward, DoorDash will notify you when the order is on the way.

Generally, you can order by 9 am so that you receive the delivery by 12- 3 pm. If you order by 1 pm, you can receive the delivery between 3 pm – 6 pm.

Similarly, if you order by 3 pm, you will receive the delivery by the next day.

It is important to note that same-day delivery at PetSmart by DoorDash is subject to the following circumstances:

  • Some products from PetSmart may not be eligible for same-day delivery.
  • The same-day deliveries are viable if the product is in stock.
  • The quantities of items to be delivered may be limited.
  • Deliveries by DoorDash may delay due to unavoidable circumstances. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to strikes, power outages, shutdown, state, local, or federal governmental actions, among others.

If you have queries or concerns about your DoorDash same-day delivery from PetSmart, you can contact DoorDash customer support via 1-855-973-1040.

How Do I Order PetSmart Delivery Through DoorDash?

Due to the partnership of PetSmart and DoorDash, customers can order PetSmart’s products through the DoorDash website or official app.

Here’s how you can order PetSmart’s products through the DoorDash website:

  1. Open the DoorDash website at
  2. Enter PetSmart on the search box to locate the store, and add the delivery address before placing the order. 
  3. Select the product(s) you need and add them to your shopping cart.

Once you are done selecting your pet supplies, click on the cart to proceed to the checkout process.

  1. You will be prompted to log into your DoorDash account at this stage.
  2. Select the most convenient delivery period.
  3. Complete the payment instructions via the Red Card.
  4. Place your order.

Alternatively, you can decide to order pet supplies from PetSmart through the DoorDash app. Here’s how you can navigate the app to get same-day deliveries:

  1. First, you have to download the DoorDash app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Next, you have to create or sign in to your account.
  3. Add your delivery address at the top of the page.
  4. Search for PetSmart to display the available stores available in your area.
  5. Add your desired items on the cart, and click “Continue” once you’re ready to checkout.
  6. The subtotal will include delivery fees, service fees, and estimated tax.
  7. DoorDash will display the standard delivery time and give you an option of choosing a time under the “Schedule Ahead” option.
  8. You can also include additional information for the delivery person (Dasher).
  9. Place your order.

How Do I Cancel a PetSmart DoorDash Order?

How Do I Cancel a PetSmart DoorDash Order?

DoorDash allows customers to cancel PetSmart orders and receive full or partial refunds. However, PetSmart may be unable to change or cancel an order once it’s processed. 

If you cancel an order that the PetSmart store has not yet been confirmed or assigned to the driver, DoorDash will give you full refunds.

Additionally, if you cancel an order that has been confirmed and is in processing, DoorDash may have difficulties canceling your order.

Here’s how you can cancel your PetSmart order via the DoorDash app:

  1. On the DoorDash app, select the order you want to cancel from the “Orders Tab.
  2. Click on “Help” in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select “Cancel Order” under the Help menu, or click the “Cancel Order” button in the “Order Details” section.
  4. Follow the prompts appearing on the screen to cancel the order.

How Do I Track My PetSmart DoorDash Order?

You can track your PetSmart order through the DoorDash app or website.

Once the order is confirmed, you will receive an initial delivery notification, which gives you the tracking link when the Dasher is en route to the store for pickup.

Also, you will receive subsequent messages once the Dasher picks up the order, and when they deliver the order.

In this process, the status of your order will read the following stages:

  1. In the process of being confirmed.
  2. At the store.
  3. The Dasher is on the way to you.

You can also use your DoorDash mobile app to track your order. Here’s a procedure you can use to track the order on your app:

  1. On the Orders tab, click on the order to view its status.
  2. The status will provide information on the estimated time of arrival, and the stage of the order as described above.
  3. If your order has been assigned to a Dasher, a map will appear to display the Dasher location with regards to the store location and the delivery address.
  4. DoorDash will also give you contact options to talk to the Dasher directly. You can contact them by tapping on the call or text button on the screen.
  5. If you contact the Dasher and do not respond immediately, they may be driving and hence need to stay safe and obey traffic rules.

Are You Supposed to Tip PetSmart DoorDash Delivery Drivers?

Tipping the Dasher for delivering pet supplies from PetSmart is optional and dependent on the customer.

However, DoorDash does not provide the tipping option on its app for PetSmart stores, just like it does for stores and restaurants.

Hence, you can only tip the Dasher with cash.

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PetSmart customers can order for same-day delivery of pet supplies through the DoorDash app or official website.

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