FedEx Package Going Wrong Way (Why + Can It Be Fixed?)

Did you know that FedEx delivers close to 12 million packages per day? That’s pretty impressive, but that number is even more amazing when you consider the fact that 85% of packages get delivered on time.

Knowing how good FedEx is at on-time deliveries, it can be confusing when your tracking information makes it look like your package is traveling the wrong way. In this article, we’ll tell you why that happens and what it means for your delivery time. 

Why Is My FedEx Package Going the Wrong Way In 2023?

FedEx packages may be going the wrong way due to a sorting issue or as a result of FedEx’s hub and spoke delivery system in 2023. If a package is traveling the wrong way due to an error, the problem gets fixed within 48 hours. If a package is going to a hub, there’s no reason to worry.

Understanding why FedEx packages are going the wrong way can be frustrating, but this article will help you out, so keep reading to learn more!

Why Is My FedEx Package Going the Wrong Way?

There are two main reasons why your FedEx package is going the “wrong” way. One is the result of FedEx’s logistical system, the other is due to error.

Let’s take a look at these explanations in more detail.

For logistical reasons, FedEx uses a hub and spoke system.

In this system, hubs are large, centrally-located sorting centers that dispatch packages to smaller satellite locations called spokes. These locations handle local deliveries.

Hub locations collect, sort, and combine packages with similar destinations into one shipment, rather than having a bunch of individual packages sent from city to city.

This ingenious system is what makes FedEx one of the fastest carriers in the United States.

What this means for packages is that sometimes it may look like they’re traveling south when they should be traveling north (for example).

It’s true that the packages are going in the opposite direction of where they’re meant to be delivered, but it’s all a part of FedEx’s hub and spoke system.

Why Is My FedEx Package Going the Wrong Way?

Put another way, it’s likely that packages sent in the “wrong” direction are being sent to a hub before getting dispatched to a location close to the delivery address.

While it’s fairly common for packages to get sent in the opposite direction as part of FedEx’s hub and spoke system, it’s also possible that packages are going the wrong way due to an error.

For example, a package may have been put on the wrong trailer, gotten sorted into the wrong bin, or had an illegible address.

All of these reasons could result in a package getting sent in the wrong direction.

If this happens, don’t worry too much. FedEx usually catches these errors fairly quickly and will get the package going back in the right direction within a couple of days.

It’s even possible that your package will still arrive on time if this kind of error occurs.

What Do You Do If Your FedEx Package Is Going the Wrong Way?

In both cases mentioned above, there’s not much you can do if your package is moving in the opposite direction.

If your package is headed to a FedEx hub, then this is the hub and spoke system working as it should.

If your package got mixed up due to a sorting or labeling error, then the burden is on FedEx to fix the issue.

Either way, being patient is the best thing you can do if you suspect that your package is moving in the wrong direction.

Give your tracking information 24 to 48 hours to update. In most cases, you’ll notice that your package is back on track after letting the FedEx system do its work.

If, however, you’ve waited more than a couple of days and your package hasn’t moved is farther away from the intended destination, then it’s time to contact FedEx for help.

You can reach FedEx Customer Service at 1 (800) 463-3339.

When calling, make sure you have your tracking number and delivery address available.

Both of these will help the FedEx representative get you more information about what’s going on with your delivery.

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Most of the time, FedEx packages may seem like they’re going the wrong way. In reality, they’re on their way to a hub before getting dispatched close to the delivery address.

Still, it’s also possible that packages get sent the wrong way due to a sorting or labeling error. If that’s the case, know that FedEx is able to correct these kinds of issues fairly quickly. Your package could still arrive on time.

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