Home Depot Wrong Price Policy (Do They Honor Price Mistakes?)

Home Depot has become the go-to store in the U.S. for various hardware and DIY tools, thanks to several deals and discounts that make the prices highly affordable.

However, if you’ve ever found a product that was mistakenly priced very low, you may wonder – what is Home Depot’s wrong price policy? Here is what I’ve found out!

Home Depot Wrong Price Policy

If a product is labeled with the wrong price at Home Depot, customers may be eligible to receive the price difference. While there is no set wrong price policy at Home Depot, it seems that most stores will allow you to get the discounted price if the product is labeled incorrectly. However, this is up to the discretion of the store manager.

If you want to learn more about whether Home Depot has to legally honor wrong prices, whether Home Depot does price adjustments, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is Wrong Pricing At Home Depot?

Wrong pricing are mistakes that occur at Home Depot either through technical or human error.

These can involve discrepancies between the retail price and the advertised sale price, the display tag price being labeled incorrectly, or ringing up at the price scanner at Home Depot.

Note that Home Depot’s price mistakes are uncommon, but since it is the largest hardware store in the world, errors in pricing can occur occasionally.

As there are laws around the world preventing false advertising, retailers such as Home Depot will have to comply and honor the wrong price to prevent fines or other legal trouble.

Does Home Depot Have To Honor Price Mistakes?

As a company, Home Depot has no official policy on honoring price mistakes and instead follows the broader laws of the state or country.

In America, various states have different policies for price mistakes, with some aiming to benefit the customer and some aiming to benefit the company.

In California and similar states, it is required that stores such as Home Depot comply with the wrong price policy and honor any advertised mistakes.

However, in Canada, no laws require Home Depot or similar stores to honor the wrong price policy, and stores have the right to refuse a sale in case of a mistake.

Knowing the retail pricing laws and regulations per state can help if you come across a wrong price at Home Depot.

How Do I Get A Pricing Error At Home Depot?

How Do I Get A Pricing Error At Home Depot?

If you have found a pricing error at Home Depot, online shoppers have recommended that you take a picture of the mistake and show it to the employees.

If it is a Home Depot cashier, they may ask for their Home Depot manager to resolve the pricing error, as they may not be authorized to do so.

Other online shoppers have reported physically bringing the tag to the checkout to claim the pricing error.

Keep in mind that it depends on your state or location and the discretion of the Home Depot manager whether or not Home Depot will honor the pricing error.

Does Home Depot Do Price Adjustments?

Along with pricing errors, Home Depot also provides price adjustments for items listed at a lower price either at HomeDepot.com, on a competitor’s website, or in-store.

Due to the Low Price Guarantee at Home Depot, the retailer is likely to honor the price adjustment.

Additionally, if an item you wish to purchase was on sale the week before at Home Depot, you should bring a snapshot of the sale in-store and request a price adjustment.

Online shoppers have reported that bringing evidence of the previous sale to Home Depot will often result in the sale price being honored even when the promotion has ended.

Can I Haggle At Home Depot?

Many online shoppers have reported that it is possible to negotiate a price there due to the various offers available at Home Depot.

While sales associates do not have the authority to grant you a better deal, managers will often be able to negotiate with you for a better price.

Remember that using evidence of recent or upcoming sales or competitor prices can help you save money at Home Depot.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on Home Depot return hours, the Walmart wrong price policy, and what does Home Depot does with returns.


Depending on your state or location, Home Depot may be able to honor a wrong price if it has mistakenly advertised it in its store.

Knowing your state’s advertising and sales laws can help you verify the wrong price policy in Home Depot.

You can have a wrong price mistake honored at Home Depot by bringing evidence of it to the checkout, such as the tag displaying the wrong price.

It is also possible to save money at Home Depot by using price adjustments and evidence of better prices at competitors.

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