Walmart Wrong Price Policy (All You Need To Know)

Boasting thousands of products in every store, it is no wonder that Walmart will accidentally misprice items or have them placed under the wrong price section.

As a customer, this can be frustrating, so we’ve had a look at Walmart’s wrong price policy for you! To find out all you need to know, keep on reading.

Walmart Wrong Price Policy

If a product is labeled with the wrong price at Walmart, customers can receive a difference in the price of up to $20 when the item is scanned at the registers. If the difference in price is over $20 for a product, it will be up to the Walmart store manager to adjust the advertised wrong price.

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Does Walmart Honor a Product Labelled With the Wrong Price?

In most cases, yes, Walmart will honor any advertised wrong price, as long as it is a mistake from a Walmat stocker. Rather than an item being put on a different shelf from a customer.

For example, if Walmart was to stock a selection of products on a shelf and mistakenly price them as a cheaper model or version, customers have grounds to get a price adjustment.

If this is to happen, it is best to take a photo of the label and products to show the cashier that it was clearly priced this way.

However, Walmart is within their rights to state that this was purely a mistake, so they can deny the price match.

But if you are to escalate the situation, the Walmart manager will typically abide and price match to avoid a commotion.

Will Walmart Price Check A Mispriced Item At Check Out?

The staff at Walmart will decide individually whether to price check items that have a price difference of under $20 between the marked price on the aisle and the check-out price.  

It is the policy at Walmart to call a price check for any items that have a $20 or more price difference.

Additionally, it is ultimately down to the staff whether they will put the item through as the initially stated or check-out price, and these decisions may vary from store to store.

Why Are Items Sometimes Mispriced In Walmart?

The most common reason that items can be mispriced in Walmart is due to customers moving items to the wrong shelves or placing them under sale sections.

Another reason for products being incorrectly priced is when Walmart staff label the price incorrectly on the aisle price tag or on the products.

Additionally, some Walmart staff will stock certain items in the incorrect location, which can give the impression that an item is cheaper than the actual price.

Walmart staff work hard to maintain correct pricing, but occasionally technical issues may arise. For example, a sale item may not have been processed at the checkout as a discounted item yet. 

Walmart Wrong Price Policy Canada

For Walmart Canadian shoppers, Walmart is obligated by the Retail Council of Canada to give an item for free if a customer is charged more than the advertised price (up to a $10 value). Additionally, if there is a wrong price on an item, Canadian shoppers can receive a $10 discount off of the price.

What Can I Do If Walmart Has Overcharged Me?

Your best bet is to go back into the same store with the item and the receipt. Approach the customer service desk and calmly explain the situation.

If you are sure that the item was definitely labeled at a different price, you may wish to show the manager where you found the item.

The manager will take this all into account and decide whether they will partially refund you or not.  

It is important to remember that, unfortunately, Walmart is in no way obligated to issue a partial refund. If you are refused a partial refund, you can either keep the item or return it for a refund. 

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It is down to staff discretion whether a mispriced item will take the lower price. However, Walmart does have a helpful price match guarantee policy that enables customers to get partial refunds on cheaper items found elsewhere. 

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  1. This post is on point I looked it up and I read it and I’m at Walmart right now and there was some items in the wrong section took a picture of water to them and they honored it I do appreciate that and it was mistake by the stalker not a person. Thanks for writing this post glad I read it

  2. Six pack of sure jell was marked for $8.79 on shelf. At end of aisle there were four shelves full with same price. When I scanned the surejell price was $14.97. I showed manager she declined to honor the price. I showed her a picture because there wasn’t enough help to walk to check the price. Manager used a calm voice but I felt very uncomfortable and demeaned.

  3. I just came back from Wal-Mart in Cambridge. I went to buy some water and other products. I grab a case of Fiji water labeled at $2.97. I thought it was an amazing deal so I grab only one case since they don’t have them individually in the water section. When I went to pay for it the bar code wasn’t scanning. I told the girl how much the pack labeled showed for and my son even went with her. She told my son they couldn’t give that price because the label is incorrect and its for one bottle not for a pack. We told the worker that’s not our mistake and to honor it but she called two other CSM and they said no. I told them they were going against their policy but they stood firm. Very disappointed.

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