How Many Times Can You Watch a Rented Movie on Amazon Prime? (+ Other FAQs)

Amazon Prime allows you to buy or rent movies, which is something a lot of people do, but have you been wondering: how many times can you watch a rented movie on Amazon Prime?

If so, continue reading below, and I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned while researching this topic and answer some other important questions you may have!

How Many Times Can You Watch a Rented Movie on Amazon Prime In [currentyear]?

You can watch a rented movie on Amazon Prime as many times as you’d like within the designated rental window, which is typically 48 hours after you begin watching the movie, although some can be 72 hours. You can see what the rental time is for the movie you selected on the specific product page in [currentyear].

Do you want to know even more about renting a movie on Amazon Prime, such as if the movies all have the same watch limits? Well, keep reading below to find that out and so much more!

How Long Does a Rented Movie Last on Amazon Prime?

You’ll have 30 days from the time you rent a movie on Amazon Prime to begin watching it, but once you decide to watch it, that’s when the 48 hour or 72-hour window begins.

Therefore, you shouldn’t begin to watch the rented movie until you’re ready and sure that you have the time to complete the movie.

Can You Watch a Rented Amazon Movie on Two Devices?

Amazon Prime only allows you to watch the same movie on one device, but you can watch different rented movies on up to three devices simultaneously.

For example, if you rented a movie and want your friend in another state to watch it too, your friend will have to wait until you’ve finished the movie to begin watching it.

How Can I Watch a Rented Movie on Amazon Prime?

There are various ways that you can watch a rented movie on Amazon Prime, such as by streaming the movie or temporarily downloading the video to a supported device.

However, not all of the rented movies will be available for a temporary download, but you’ll find the option to download those rentals that support the feature.

What Devices Can You Use to Watch a Rented Movie on Amazon Prime?

You can stream or download Amazon Prime Video to nearly any compatible device with an internet connection, such as the following:

  • Android smartphones
  • iOS smartphones
  • Apple iPad
  • Android tablets
  • Set-top boxes
  • Internet-connected televisions
  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Blu-Ray Players
  • Tivo
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Apple TV, among many other devices!

Can I Share My Amazon Prime Video Account for Movie Rentals?

Can I Share My Amazon Prime Video Account for Movie Rentals?

You can share your Amazon Prime Video account with other people so that they can watch or rent movies, and also enjoy all of the other benefits of Prime, too.

You can do this by going into your Amazon account and following the steps below:

  1. Go to “Your Amazon Prime Membership”
  2. Look for “Share Your Prime Benefits”
  3. Select the “Manage Your Household” option
  4. You can enter an email address and name of the person to share the benefits with
  5. Select the “Continue” option, and then select “Agree” and “Send Invite”
  6. When you select “Agree,” it means you’re agreeing to share wallets and credit card information, so only invite people you trust to latch onto your Prime benefits
  7. The person you invited will have 14 days to accept the invite, and you will need to live in the same country as the other person

However, by doing this, you and the other person you invite can purchase movie rentals on Amazon Prime, as long as that specific movie is only being watched on one device at a time.

Can I Cancel an Accidental Amazon Prime Video Rental?

You can return a Prime Video rental that you accidentally rented by going into either the Amazon Prime Video website or Amazon Prime Video app and following the steps below:

  1. Either log in to the Prime Video app or go to the Prime Video website
  2. Select “My Stuff”
  3. Select “Purchases & Rentals”
  4. Find the title you accidentally purchased and select it
  5. Do not click the “Play” button when the page loads, but instead “Cancel Your Order”
  6. Choose a reason for canceling from the menu, which would be “made in error”
  7. Select “Cancel This Purchase”
  8. You will be refunded the rented movie using the payment method that you used when you placed the order, which could take a few days to receive
  9. The mistakenly rented video will also disappear from your Video Library

Can You Add Parental Controls to Amazon Prime Video?

You can add parental controls to your Amazon Prime Video account, which can help prevent anyone using the account from purchasing rentals or buying videos.

Also, it’s easy to set up parental control on the Prime Video account by going into “Account & Settings,” and then choosing the “Parental Controls” option, and you set up a PIN from there.

Can I Access Rented Movies on Amazon Prime If I Move?

If you move, you should not have any issues accessing your rented movies on Amazon Prime, unless you’ve moved out of the country.

For example, if you rented movies while in the United States, and then have moved to England or Canada, there can be issues with you accessing the content, and it might not be available.

If this has happened to you, you’ll need to contact Amazon Customer Service to find the best solution to your problem.

However, as long as you don’t update your country in your account settings, you should still be able to watch rentals, even if you’re outside of the country you rented them from.

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You can watch a rented movie on Amazon Prime as many times as you’d like within the 48 hours or 72-hour window of the rental, which is displayed on the movie page.

Additionally, you have 30 days to begin watching a movie you rented, and if you’ve accidentally rented a movie, you can cancel the rental and be refunded.

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