How Much To Tip Grubhub? (Don’t Make These Mistakes)

When you place an order via Grubhub, you get the option to tip the person that’s going to make the delivery to your location.

It’s not always clear how much is a good amount to leave the Grubhub driver as a tip, so I made this guide to help you out!

How Much To Tip Grubhub In 2024

You decide how much to tip Grubhub, but 20% is recommended with an additional 3 to 5% as of 2024. On Grubhub, 20% or at least $5 is the driver’s recommended tip, but you can add more if the driver does more work than usual, e.g., driving in bad weather, walking up many stairs, etc.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about leaving a tip on Grubhub, including who sees it, how to do it, and more!

How To Tip On Grubhub

To tip on Grubhub, follow these steps:

  1. Shop on the platform and add items to your bag as usual
  2. Proceed to the order review screen
  3. Look for the section on tips right above the “Proceed to checkout” button
  4. Select an amount from the ones available or click on “Custom” to set your own tip for the order
  5. When you’re done, click on “Proceed to checkout”

Unfortunately, you can’t change your tip amount beyond this point so whatever you enter is what the driver will get unless you give them more outside the platform when they get there.

Who Gets My Tip On Grubhub?

Your tip on Grubhub goes to the driver in full. That said, Grubhub gives its drivers 100% of the tips, and the company makes its money through other charges.

Should I Tip Grubhub Drivers?

Yes, you should tip Grubhub drivers because it makes the process easier for you. If you don’t tip, your order will not get picked up as quickly, and it could be a while before you get your food.

Also, Grubhub drivers rely on the tips they receive, so tipping is a strong motivator for the drivers since they get the full amount, and a good tip usually results in better service.

Aside from having to possibly wait longer for your order to be delivered, not offering a tip means there’s a greater probability of the driver messing with your food.

Therefore, it’s recommended that your tip reflect how much work the driver would be doing, taking into account factors such as:

  1. Driving far to complete delivery
  2. Walking up many flights of stairs
  3. Having to wait long for the order to be processed in a busy restaurant because they don’t get paid for wait times
  4. Delivering your order in bad weather like storms
  5. Delivering a large order that means they would be unable to take on other orders alongside yours, e.g., when you get several boxes of pizza that fill up their whole car

Is $3 A Good Tip For Grubhub?

Is $3 A Good Tip For Grubhub?

You can tip $3 on Grubhub if you want, but most wouldn’t consider it a good tip.

Again, Grubhub recommends you leave at least 20% of your order amount or $5, depending on which is higher.

As I’ve stated above, higher tips are better motivators for the drivers, which means better service for you.

Do Grubhub Drivers Know If You Tip?

Grubhub drivers know if you tip, but they can’t see the amount until after they accept an order.

Until then, they can only see the total amount they’ll make on the order if they take it, including the tip.

Then, they can use this information to calculate how much you left them in tips, which affects how fast your order gets accepted.

What Happens If You Don’t Tip Grubhub?

Technically, nothing happens if you don’t tip Grubhub, and you will still be able to place the order and have the offer show up on the drivers’ end.

However, you will either have difficulty finding a good driver, or someone will mess with your food when they’re delivering it.

Can You Tip Grubhub In Cash?

You can tip Grubhub in cash, but most drivers avoid orders where this is the only tip option because they don’t trust the customer to do it.

Remember, you can’t increase your Grubhub tip after checking out your order, but you can give the driver extra cash when they make your delivery if you’re satisfied with the service.

If you choose to do this, you can add the extra tip in cash to the driver or ask for their payment information on Cashapp and Venmo.

What Is The Most I Can Tip A Grubhub Driver?

Unfortunately, Grubhub hasn’t provided a maximum tip amount, but some users have reported having trouble leaving more than 100% of the order amount.

To know more, you can also read our posts on how to cancel Grubhub order, how far does Grubhub deliver, how do Grubhub drivers get paid, and some interesting tipping statistics.


Grubhub recommends you tip either 20% of your order amount or $5, depending on which is higher.

Also, you can leave more or nothing at all but not leaving a tip means your order won’t be picked up immediately, and the driver is likely to mess with your food.

Additionally, Grubhub drivers don’t see how much you tip until they accept the offer, but they get enough information to estimate how much the tip is.

Further, you can tip Grubhub drivers in cash, but this is best for leaving extra because drivers consider picking up an order without a guaranteed tip a risk.

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