How Much To Tip Uber Eats? (Don’t Make These Mistakes)

When you order food from a delivery service like Uber Eats, you usually have to pay additional fees on top of the charges for the food, and these are the tradeoffs for convenience.

One of these charges is the tip, but, unlike the others, you decide what to give. I saw what the drivers had to say about them and came up with this guide on how much to tip on Uber Eats!

How Much To Tip Uber Eats In 2024

How much you should tip on Uber Eats depends on the specifics of your order, but the app recommends different amounts as of 2024. Uber Eats sets $3 as the standard tip with $4, $5, and $6 available. Uber Eats recommends a $6 tip to show the most appreciation, but you can give more or less.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about tipping on Uber Eats, including how much to give and in which situations, where the tips go, and more!

How To Tip On Uber Eats

Uber Eats provides the option to tip when checking out on a dedicated page where you can review how much you’ll be paying for your order.

Then, when you’ve completed your order, go to checkout to enter your address and select a payment method or enter a new one.

After you’ve done this, click “Next,” and you’ll land on a page that says “Show your appreciation with a tip,” displayed in a large bold font.

Moreover, you have different options for how much to tip, and the preset amounts are tagged as follows:

  1. Cheers to you
  2. You’re great
  3. Thank you so much
  4. You’re my hero
  5. Custom

When you select “Custom,” you have the option to determine how much you want to give as a tip. That said, you can go higher than the amounts suggested or go as low as zero.

After you land on an amount, the next page will take you to the total for your order, and everything will be taken out of the payment method you selected.

Should I Tip On Uber Eats?

It’s the best practice that you should tip on Uber Eats. Aside from supporting the drivers, it makes your experience better, and it improves the higher the tip is.

Also, Uber Eats’ drivers have a slogan that says “No tip, no trip,” and they avoid any orders where the customer isn’t tipping. In some cases, it extends to low tips as well.

Therefore, if you leave a low tip or none at all and a driver picks up the order, they’re more likely to mess with your food.

Should I Tip My Uber Eats Driver In The App Or Cash?

Should I Tip My Uber Eats Driver In The App Or Cash?

Whether you tip an Uber Eats driver through the app or in cash depends on your preference, but it will affect your experience.

For example, Uber Eats drivers are generally wary of orders that don’t include a tip, even if they include a note that the customer will tip in cash.

That said, there are several cases of the customers not tipping at all after they get their order, and they just used the promise to get a driver to accept the offer.

If you’re going to tip in person, you’d have more success if you added a tip in the app as an initial incentive, then give the rest when the driver arrives.

Further, this method is ideal for when you’re leaving large tips because many services like Uber Eats have a limit on how much you can tip using the official channels.

Additionally, tipping in cash might be a good option in cases where you don’t want the driver to have to declare it on their taxes.

Can I Change My Tip On Uber Eats?

Yes, you can change your tip on Uber Eats at different points of the process, including before, during, and after delivery gets to your location.

At any point, you can find the order and open it to view its details. Then, you will see the tip you left, and there will be an option marked “Edit” that you can use to change it.

If you’d ordered food, you can change the tip up to one hour after delivery or six hours later if you’d ordered groceries.

Also, this feature has resulted in a practice called “tip baiting,” where customers include a tip and then take it away after delivery.

Do Uber Eats Drivers Know If You Tip?

Uber Eats drivers will know if you tip by using the information provided on the offer screen.

So, if they accept and complete the delivery, they’ll get a breakdown of their earnings, including the exact tip amount.

Moreover, when Uber Eats drivers receive an order, they’re only told the customer’s distance from the restaurant and how much they’re going to make from the order.

However, drivers who have enough experience can use this information to determine the company’s pay and what the customer left in tips.

Who Gets My Tip On Uber Eats?

100% of your tip on Uber Eats goes to the driver. That said, Uber Eats has opted to do this and make money from other fees such as service charges and commissions.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Uber Eats takes cash, is Uber Eats safe, and Uber Eats refund policy.


You should tip a minimum of $3 on Uber Eats, but you can go higher if you want.

Also, you can opt not to tip on Uber Eats, but this means that your order won’t get picked up, or the driver will mess with your food.

Moreover, Uber Eats drivers can’t see the tip until after delivery, but they can use the information in the offer to know if you tipped before accepting it.

Lastly, you can change your tip on Uber Eats up to one hour after getting your order.

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