How To Archive Amazon Orders (Step-By-Step + Other FAQs)

Are you wondering how to archive Amazon orders because you’re tired of all of the clutter on the “Your Orders” page?

If so, continue reading to learn the step-by-step process to follow to archive your Amazon orders quickly and easily!

How to Archive Amazon Orders In 2024

To archive an Amazon order, head to the Amazon website, log in to your account, click on “Your Account” and then select “Your Orders.” Look for the order you want to archive and then select “Archive Order” on the screen. You will need to click “Archive Order” again when the confirmation pops up in 2024.

Do you have other questions about archiving your Amazon orders, such as if you can archive orders that are still in process? Well, read below to learn the answer to that and much more!

How Do I Archive My Orders on the Amazon App?

Unfortunately, you cannot archive your orders using the Amazon app, but you can still archive your orders from your mobile device if you log in to Amazon using the browser on your device.

How Can I Archive Amazon Orders on iOS?

If you’d like to archive your Amazon order on your iPhone or another iOS device, you’ll need to open up Safari on your iPhone and log in to your Amazon account through the web browser.

Furthermore, you’ll need to switch the browser to the “Request desktop website” version and then select “Accounts & Lists.” From there, select “Your Orders.”

You can then look at the orders to find which one you want to archive, and then just click on “Archive Order” which is on the right side of the page, and click again when the window pops up. 

How Can I Archive Amazon Orders on Android?

You can archive an Amazon order on Android by going to Google Chrome or another web browser and visiting and logging into your Amazon account.

Additionally, you’ll need to request the “Desktop site” version of the website, go to “Accounts & Lists” and then select “Your Orders.”

Find the order you want to archive, select “Archive Order” and then “Archive Order” again when you see the popup window.

How Can I Archive Amazon Orders on iPad?

If you have an iPad or other tablet, the process to archive an Amazon order is the same as a mobile device, which means you’ll need to open your browser and log into the Amazon website.

Also, you’ll need to go to “Accounts & Lists” and then click on “Your Orders,” look for the “Archive Order” button and select that. Confirm “Archive Order” within the popup window.

This process will work regardless of whether you’re on an iPad or an Android tablet and even works on other devices such as a Microsoft Surface.

How Can I View Archived Amazon Orders?

How Can I View Archived Amazon Orders?

You can quickly view your archived orders by going to the Amazon website, logging into your account, selecting “Accounts & Lists,” and then going into “Your Orders.”

From there, go to the dropdown menu, which allows you to filter orders placed within a certain timeframe, and at the bottom, you’ll be able to select “Archived Orders” to view them.

How Can I Unarchive Amazon Orders?

You can unarchive orders on Amazon quickly by logging into your Amazon account through a web browser, going into “Accounts & Lists,” and then selecting “Your Orders.”

Further, go into the dropdown menu where you can select to view orders from a certain time and select “Archived Orders.” On the side of the page, you’ll see the option to “Unarchive Order.”

You can unarchive as many orders as you’d like, which may be a good idea if you need to move more personal orders into the archive.

How Many Amazon Orders Can You Archive?

Amazon allows you to archive 500 orders, so if you’d like to archive more than that, you’ll have to unarchive some orders and replace them with the orders you’d prefer to archive.

Can You Delete Archived Amazon Orders?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow you to delete archived orders. Hopefully, though, in the future Amazon will roll out this option for customers.

Can You Hide Archived Amazon Orders?

Amazon does not allow you to hide your archived Amazon orders, but since you have to manually bring up the “Archived” orders section, it’s not in your main order history. 

Can I Use Alexa to Archive Amazon Orders?

There is no way to use Amazon Alexa to archive your Amazon orders, so the only way to do this is to manually do it through the Amazon website.

How Do I Remove an Item From My Amazon Order History?

Currently, the only way to remove an item from your order history is to archive that particular order, since Amazon does not have a way for you to delete orders from your history.

We are hopeful that Amazon will add this feature in the future, especially since you’re limited to archiving only 500 orders.

However, you can edit your browsing history, which does allow you to sort of hide your order history if you recently purchased an item you don’t want other people to see on your account.

Just select “Browsing History” from the top of the main menu, and either choose “Remove from view” for one item or “Remove all items from View” for the entire history.

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To archive an Amazon order, you’ll need to use the Amazon website, since you cannot do this on the app. Also, if you’re on a mobile device, you’ll need to request the desktop site.

Furthermore, just go into “Accounts & Lists,” select “Your Orders,” and look for the order you’d like to archive. Select “Archive Order” and confirm it on the popup window screen.

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