If I Cancel Amazon Prime Do I Keep My Movies? (Must Know)

Amazon is a wildly popular technology and e-commerce company that has not only millions of quality products for sale, but also Prime Video streaming service for on-demand entertainment.

While watching Amazon Prime, you may have thought about canceling and what would happen to your movies if you did.

So can you keep your movies if you cancel Amazon Prime? Here is everything we have found about Amazon Prime cancellation and keeping movies.

If I Cancel Amazon Prime Do I Keep My Movies?

If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, you only get to keep the movies you have currently rented or purchased. Movies and shows available through subscription streaming are no longer available after cancellation unless you bought them before canceling. 

If you are curious about canceling your Amazon Prime membership and what to do about your movies, keep reading for all the information you need to decide.

What Happens When You Cancel Amazon Prime?

When you cancel Amazon Prime, your benefits go away. These benefits include:

  • Free same, one, and two-day delivery on thousands of items.
  • Amazon Key secures in-home, garage, or car delivery.
  • Watch exclusive Amazon Originals on most devices for no extra cost.
  • Access to thousands of movies and TV series.

That’s why it’s best to buy your favorite movies, so you can keep them even when you’re done with your Prime membership.

Can You Get Your Money Back By Canceling Prime?

The most common reason for canceling Amazon Prime memberships is that some people don’t use them enough.

If it’s been nearly a year since you ordered from Amazon and you only plan to do o sporadically in the future, a canceled membership may work for you.

Otherwise, you should be set to go if you have all the movies and TV you’d like to watch in one place.

While it’s possible to get a partial or full refund based on how much you’ve used Prime so far in your subscription year, if you’ve been using it regularly, you probably won’t get much back.

According to Amazon’s Prime membership cancellation policy, you can cancel within three days of signing up for a full refund.

Any other time you cancel, the total membership fee is refunded only if you didn’t use any Prime benefits or make eligible purchases since the last charge.

So while regular Prime users won’t get their money back from canceling midway through their subscription, they can at least keep purchased movies.

Most people who cancel their Prime membership do so during the renewal period to minimize cancellation fees and any confusion.

How Long Can You Watch Amazon Prime Movies For?

After purchasing a movie from Amazon Prime, you can watch it indefinitely, even if you cancel your Prime membership.

There are no limits to how many times you can watch your videos after downloading them.

How Do You Buy Prime Movies?

You should check out the product page with purchase options when you find something you want to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.

If you want to buy something but haven’t found it on Amazon Prime, use the search feature to look up a certain movie.

Keep in mind that only select Prime Video titles may be rented or purchased, and some are available in high-definition bundles.

Once you buy a title, it will be added to “my stuff” for download or streaming. If you rented movies within 30 days ahead of your Prime cancellation, you might still have access to them for a limited time.

To know more about Amazon, you can also see our posts on renting movies on Amazon Prime, if Amazon Prime Video is 4K, and how many devices can use Amazon Prime.


You are free to cancel your Amazon Prime membership at any time, but keep in mind you will lose out on benefits like free delivery, Key by Amazon, and of course, Prime Video with Amazon Original and popular TV shows and movies.

The good news is, even if you cancel Amazon Prime, you can still keep the movies you purchased and downloaded. You just won’t have access to view the Prime movie library.

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