IKEA Teacher Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways Teachers Can Save)

The Swedish retailer IKEA is known for its innovative furniture and low prices. With many products available to suit every home style, IKEA is a fan favorite with customers.

IKEA fans may wonder if IKEA can offer Teacher Discounts in their stores or online. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have learned about IKEA teacher discounts.

IKEA Teacher Discount

Unfortunately, IKEA does not offer a year-round teacher discount either in-store or online. However, IKEA hosts yearly events that offer exclusive discounts for teachers. Additionally, teachers can also save money during price reduction sales and promotions at IKEA with the IKEA Family Card.

For more information on the exclusive sale event for teachers at IKEA, plus other ways teachers can save, keep reading!

Why Does IKEA Not Offer Teacher Discounts?

IKEA offers limited discounts within their stores, usually only hosting savings events at different points of the year.

Due to their already low prices, IKEA does not offer teacher discounts.

However, IKEA can accept Blue Light Cards, which teachers can apply for, meaning they can save money at IKEA.

Does IKEA Offer Teacher Events?

Despite IKEA not offering regular teacher discounts, they do host regular events for teachers and educators in their stores.

An example of an event includes a display showcasing their best products for teachers and certain perks.

For example, IKEA ran a promotion that offered the first 50 teachers to arrive with a valid ID, a mystery bag of products, and a 10% off coupon to use on products in stores.

IKEA is also able to offer teachers savings at their restaurants during these events, including free food. There are also raffles and other events for teachers where they can win prizes.

Signing up for promotional emails from IKEA as well as checking the website, can alert you to IKEA Teacher Savings events near to you.

How Else Can Teachers Save at IKEA?

What Other Discounts Do IKEA Do?

To help customers (including teachers) save money, IKEA runs its own offers and promotions.

IKEA regularly offers vouchers and discounts on their products, and you can win gift cards to help you save money through certain online promotions.

Additionally, IKEA also gives customers the opportunity to save money in their popular restaurants, including kids eating free on Tuesdays and receiving free coffee.

Lastly, the IKEA Family Card is another great way to get exclusive in-store and online discounts for a wide range of teaching products such as desks, lamps, stationery, and more.

Another benefit of the IKEA Family Card is that it provides a 90-day price protection policy that can help you save money when shopping.

Where Can I Get Teacher Discount Other than IKEA?

Many online websites provide information on retailers where teachers can receive discounts other than IKEA.

Similar retailers to IKEA that provide teacher discounts include Office Depot, Overstock, and Frigidaire.

Additionally, Costco sometimes offers an exclusive $20 Costco shop card for teachers joining their membership program, while Michaels offers a 15% discount to teachers for every purpose.

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While IKEA cannot offer regular teacher discounts, they do offer events that can help teachers save money. IKEA is also able to accept Blue Light Cards which teachers are eligible for.

IKEA also offers a range of other discounts in their stores, online and restaurants to help shoppers, including teachers, save money.

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