Is Amazon’s Website Not Working? (Is The Site Down Or Something Else + Fixes)

Are you trying to shop on the Amazon website but have run into problems and believe the Amazon website is not working properly? Do you want to know if the site is down?

If so, keep reading below to discover some of the most common reasons why the Amazon website is not working and how to potentially fix the issue!

Is Amazon’s Website Not Working In [currentyear]?

If the Amazon website is not working, it could be caused by server issues on Amazon’s side. However, there are plenty of websites you can use to figure out whether Amazon is down for everyone or just you in [currentyear]. However, sometimes other issues might be causing the website to be down, such as an issue with your Internet browser.

Do you want to know other ways you can try to solve the Amazon website not working issue? Well, I’ve learned quite a bit in my research that I’ll tell you about below!

How Do I Get Amazon’s Site to Work?

Here are several things you can try to get Amazon’s site working again:

1. Check Down Detector

One of the best ways to see if the Amazon website is not working and it’s caused by the site being down is to go to a website such as Down Detector.

Furthermore, using these websites will let you see if everyone is having problems with Amazon and it’s a great way to save yourself time instead of trying fixes that won’t make a difference.

2. API Disruption

There are times when Amazon and Amazon-related services will stop working, including Cloud Services, which have been linked to disruptions in the API.

Disruptions in the API, which is an application programming interface, hit Amazon in late 2021, and it caused the Amazon website and nearly all other Amazon services to go down.

Therefore, if the Amazon website is not working it could be related to an API issue, which requires Amazon to fix it personally and there is nothing you can do.

3. Your Cache Needs To Be Cleared

Whenever you can’t load a website such as Amazon, it’s always a good idea to clear your cache since caches can cause memory and loading issues on computers and mobile devices.

To clear your cache, the process will depend on which device and browser you are using but just follow the basic steps below to clear your cache.

For example, if you’re trying to load Amazon through your browser on Windows, such as Firefox:

  • Go to “History” on the top menu bar
  • Select “Clear Recent History”
  • Select the time range to clear from one hour ago to everything
  • Select “Cache” from the options
  • Select “OK” or “Clear Now” to clear your cache
  • Try to reload the Amazon website on your browser

4. Reboot Your Router

4. Reboot Your Router Amazon

If you’re still having issues it could be with your Internet connection, you can try to load up other websites to see if they load or if it’s just Amazon.

Furthermore, if no websites are loading, then reboot your router since it likely has to do with your Internet connection.

5. Add-On Disruption

Add-on disruptions can create problems and could lead to the Amazon website not working, especially if you’re using a browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

For example, you could have an adblocker running, scripts running, or themes for your background that are causing errors when trying to load Amazon images or pages.

Therefore, go into your browser and disable all add-ons to see if that fixes the problem.

6. Software Interference

While programs such as anti-virus software are helpful, sometimes software such as that can cause interference and could lead to the Amazon website not working.

Further, try disabling your antivirus or other programs you have running on your device to see if that fixes your problem and if Amazon loads, then you know it’s software interference.

7. Memory Lag & Reboot Is Required

If the Amazon website is not working, it could be due to memory lag and other issues with your device, which would require you to reboot your laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Furthermore, sometimes just a simple reboot of your device will fix the issues that cause websites not to load properly, and it’s one of the easiest solutions to the problem!

8. Your Firewall Is Blocking Amazon

While most people don’t run behind a Firewall, those that do may run into problems with the Amazon website not working.

Also, if you’re running into issues with other websites, it could help you figure out it’s your Firewall, so you may need to disable your Firewall to access Amazon again.

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There are a few different reasons why Amazon’s website isn’t working, which could be due to API or server issues on Amazon’s side, which means you’ll just have to wait for Amazon to fix it.

However, other times it’s caused by add-ons, browser extensions, or software issues on your computer or device that cause interference, and stopping those often solves the problem.

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