Why is My Amazon Wish List Not Working? (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

We all love to save items to our Amazon Wish List so that we can share the list with friends and family, but are you having issues with an Amazon Wish List not working?

If so, keep reading to find out the potential fixes for this problem that I’ve discovered while researching this topic!

Why is My Amazon Wish List Not Working In 2024?

If your Amazon Wish List is not working, the first step to take would be to restart the device you’re using to see if that fixes the issue in 2024. However, if that doesn’t work, the fix might have to come from within Amazon itself as the website and app can be buggy.

Do you want to know about other potential fixes to get the Amazon Wish List to work properly? Well, I’ve got even more potential fixes for you to try below, so keep reading!

How Can I Fix My Amazon Wishlist From Not Working?

If you’re having issues accessing your Amazon wishlist, here is a list of things you can try to get it working again:

1. Restart Your Mobile Device

If your Amazon Wish List isn’t working or you can’t bring up any Wish List, you should try to restart your mobile device to fix app issues.

Furthermore, sometimes there can be glitches and bugs in apps if you haven’t rebooted lately due to memory management issues.

Therefore, the Amazon app hogging memory or causing other issues can cause the Amazon Wish List and other account settings to not display properly.

2. Restart Your PC

Just like with mobile devices, you’ll need to regularly restart your PC to help it run smoother and clear memory or data problems, which could cause Amazon and your Wish List to not work.

If you want to try to see if it’s your PC causing the issues, restart and then try to load up Amazon’s website again to see if your Wish List will show up properly.

3. Reinstall Amazon app

Another fix you could try if you can’t see your Amazon Wish List is to delete the Amazon app and then reinstall it.

However, if you delete the Amazon app from your mobile device, you’ll need to log into the app as if it was your first time, so make sure you know your login, email, and password first.

4. Make Your List Shareable

One fix to the Amazon Wish List not working is that you need to make your list shareable before it’ll show up for other people.

For example, if you’re trying to share it but you don’t have your Privacy Settings changed, then the other person won’t be able to see the list, so changing your settings is required.

To do this, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Go into “Your Lists”
  • Find the List Menu and Select “Manage List”
  • Select “Privacy” and change your settings to shared or public depending on what you want
  • Select “Save Changes” to confirm

5. Wait 15 Minutes Before You Share a Wish List

5. Wait 15 Minutes Before You Share a Wish List Amazon

Another fix if you’ve found that the Amazon Wish List is not working is to wait 15 minutes before you try to make your wish list shareable to friends or family.

For example, if you just made a Wish List, it can take about 15 minutes for the list to show up completely, so you might not be giving it enough time to load.

You also should wait 15 minutes if you’ve recently made changes, such as to your Privacy Settings because it can take a few minutes for new changes to go into effect as well.

6. It’s an Amazon Glitch & You’ll Have to Wait

There have been times when people only can see a few items from their Wish List and it appears that sometimes these glitches happen and it’s the fault of Amazon.

Therefore, sometimes you will just have to wait it out and see if Amazon fixes the problem since it’s a server-side issue.

What Happened to Amazon Wish Lists?

Amazon Wish List is still available, but the company no longer allows for public Wish List searches, unless it’s for a baby shower or wedding.

This means that you’ll need to share your Wish List with friends and family since they can no longer search for it by using your Amazon name.

Why Can’t I See My Friend’s Amazon Wish List?

If your friend has their list set to private you won’t be able to see it, which is why the Amazon Wish List may not be working.

Therefore, you’ll have to tell your friend to ensure that the Wish List has been set to shareable and that you’re getting the correct link so you can see it.

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If your Amazon Wish List is not working you should first try to reboot your mobile device or PC. However, if that doesn’t work you can try to reinstall the Amazon app, switch your list to shareable in Privacy Settings, and then wait 15 minutes to see if it pops up.

However, sometimes the problem is with Amazon and its servers. Therefore to see your Wishlist, a fix might have to happen within Amazon itself first.

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