Is Big Lots Furniture Good? (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots is a closeout retailer, receiving its inventory from other vendors’ clearance sales, which may cause some genuine concern about the quality of its furniture.

Therefore, if you’re curious whether the furniture sold at Big Lots is good quality, read on for more information that I’ve discovered on this topic, as well as other related facts!

Is Big Lots Furniture Good In 2024?

Big Lots promises its customers good quality furniture at a great price in 2024. Several customer reviews, however, indicate dissatisfaction with the claim. Additionally, some customers feel that the furniture return, recall, and refund measures the retailer has established adequately address the issue of quality. General satisfaction with Big Lots furniture is just about three stars.

For more information on the quality of Big Lots furniture and the remedies it has in place in case of a slip-up, keep reading for more interesting information and useful tips!

Does Big Lots Sell Good Quality Furniture?

Big Lots claims to offer good quality furniture at extraordinary prices.

Most furniture at Big Lots is from recognizable brand names such as Simmons, Stratford, Lane, Home, and Broyhill’s budget furniture.

Notwithstanding, this furniture comes to Big Lots because it was unsold for reasons that include manufacturer defects, damage, and overstocking.

Therefore, while it may be possible to land first-rate brand name furniture at a great price, getting quality furniture at Big Lots is hit-or-miss.

As such, a reviewer on related how only a couple of rainfalls ruined the nice-looking patio furniture they bought.

The significantly discounted prices are a plus, though most customers consider the quality commensurate.

Is the Broyhill Furniture Sold at Big Lots Good Quality?

Broyhill furniture comes from a long tradition of American craftsmanship that comes at a budget without sacrificing attention to detail.

However, there have been concerns that Big Lots now owns the company, and the quality of its furniture has since deteriorated.

Moreover, some customers complain that while the pieces look great, the furniture is not solid wood.

Where Do I Find Out About the Quality of the Furniture at Big Lots?

You can find out about the quality of the furniture you wish to purchase from Big Lots by clicking on the product description listed online.

The product description reveals what material the product is made of and any other details relevant to quality.

Moreover, you can carry out a physical inspection of the furniture if you’re shopping in-store, and looking out for the quality and condition of the product.

However, if the information you receive from these sources is inadequate for your purposes, you can contact the Big Lots customer care center.

Is Big Lots Return Policy for Faulty Furniture Customer Friendly?

Is Big Lots Return Policy for Faulty Furniture Customer Friendly?

The procedure outlined by Big Lots for returning faulty furniture is straightforward and workable in most circumstances.

However, some customers claim that, in reality, it’s not so straightforward, and the cases are judged on a case-by-case basis.

The retailer has received over 480 reviews on, with complaints focusing on its return, cancellation, and refund policies (note that only focuses on bad reviews).

Does Big Lots Furniture Come with a Warranty?

Unfortunately, Big Lots does not sell its furniture with a warranty, as the items are sold on ‘as is’ and ‘as is available’ basis.

However, most furniture items carry the manufacturer’s warranty, which can come in handy in cases of manufacturer defects.

Besides, Big Lots gives customers ample opportunity to ascertain the quality for themselves before purchasing the product.

What are the Consumer Reviews on the Quality of Big Lots Furniture?

Big Lots reviews of its furniture on several consumer review sites average at three stars, which indicates a general satisfaction with the quality of the furniture.

Nonetheless, buyers expressing their opinion on Reddit claim that excellent quality is not always guaranteed at Big Lots.

However, they also noted that the price was fair, and sometimes very good for what was in stock.

Additionally, customers have had some dissatisfaction with the quality of Big Lots furniture, especially in regards to durability and state of repair.

For instance, a couple from Germantown, Maryland, complained about returning a sofa to the store twice in one night because of wrong item delivery and damage, respectively.

What Are Some Tips for Buying Good Quality Furniture at Big Lots?

If you hope to get greater value for your money when purchasing furniture at Big Lots, the following list contains some helpful tips:

  • Be on the lookout for deals, discounts, coupons, and furniture restocks.
  • With the savings you make on the discounts and deals, you can buy more items to complement the furniture you have bought, and if you can catch a restocking before others do, you get an early bird’s awesome selection of great quality furniture.
  • The benefits of a Big Rewards membership also can help you get quality furniture from Big Lots.
  • As a member, you get rewards to purchase furniture and advance notification of any impending furniture sales.
  • Always go for recognizable brand names. Besides getting a premium brand at a good deal, those manufacturers don’t skimp on quality.
  • Do not dismiss the return and defects section while hunting for quality furniture at Big Lots.

Note that furniture gets returned for many reasons, and good quality items are not necessarily faultless.

It’s also possible to get serviceable brand-name furniture with damage that a few stitches or nails can remedy.

To know more, you can also see our posts on Big Lots mattress return policy, when do Big Lots restock, and if Big Lots delivers.


While Big Lots does not offer its furniture with a warranty, it takes every precaution to see that you’re not disappointed with the quality of your choice.

Although there are several negative reviews on the quality of Big Lots furniture, some customers have had good experiences after making a purchase.

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