Is Costco Coming To Maine? (Are They Opening a Warehouse, Potential Locations, Delivery + More)

Costco offers fantastic deals on its products and is popular with shoppers. Though the retailer already has a widespread presence in the US, it has not been in Maine.

This might make you wonder will Costco be coming to Maine? Where may its home be? When will it get to Maine? For answers to these questions and more, please read on!

Is Costco Coming To Maine In 2024?

Press reported Costco’s plan to expand into Maine, with the first location slated for Scarborough as of 2024. However, the project stalled over disagreements with the city authorities over parking spaces. Therefore, plans have not been forthcoming since then and customers have the option of shopping from alternative retailers or Costco online.

If you want to know more about Costco’s plans in Maine, alternatives to Costco, and whether Costco will ship to Maine, then read on!

Will Costco Come To Maine?

There is no Costco in Maine, but it has indicated an interest in expanding into the state.

Additionally, it is unknown whether Costco will eventually come to Maine. What is certain is that it had plans to expand to Maine and had made advances in that respect.

However, a disagreement between the company and Scarborough city authorities halted the plans, and there are no indications that they have been picked up again.

Furthermore, the latest listings of the areas Costco has expanded into in the past do not include Maine, nor is the state included in the list of states that host Costco.

Moreover, Costco’s silence is not out of place as it will not publicly comment on opening a new location unless it is two or three months imminent.

Where Is Costco Likely To Be Located In Maine?

Costco had picked Scarborough to be its first location in Maine.

However, the retailer was slated to be part of the Scarborough Downs Innovative District, located at the intersection of the Payne and Downs roads.

The city development authorities have already marked the area as a big-retail center.

Furthermore, it is unclear what other major cities in Maine Costco may set up in. Although, the size of the market available may guide this.

Why Isn’t Costco In Maine?

Why Isn’t Costco In Maine?

Costco is yet to set up shop in Maine because of disagreements with Scarborough city authorities over the retailer’s building plans.

The retailer proposed putting up a 161,000 square foot building with a 794 car parking lot, which was the bone of contention.

First, the authorities felt the parking lot was too big. Costco insisted it was no bigger than what they had elsewhere and would like more space.

Additionally, each proposed parking space measured 10 feet wide by 20 deep, which the city authorities felt was unnecessarily big.

However, Costco says the space is necessary to deal safely and conveniently with shoppers opening their cars and loading up from their trolleys.

The city authorities are also concerned that since the site neighbors a wetland, all the human traffic generated will be harmful to the environment.

Furthermore, while the authorities have allowed Costco to present another plan, it is worth noting that Costco has shown no willingness to back down from its proposals.

Therefore, this leaves the possibility of a Costco in Maine in limbo.

Does Costco Deliver In Maine?

Costco offers shipping in the US only, with some restrictions. For instance, same-day delivery is not universal and may not be available.

Moreover, the retailer does not have a warehouse in Maine, and the nearest warehouses are at least 200 miles away.

This limits Costco’s delivery offers in Maine drastically. Even for the customer, the distance and cost may not justify it.

However, two-day delivery is offered nationally and may be suited to the distance, as long as the delivery costs make sense.

Therefore, you can contact Costco to find out if they will deliver the products you wish to purchase to Maine.

Do People Want A Costco Store In Maine?

Many people would like to have a Costco in Maine and were disappointed when their proposed establishment seemed to fall through.

Costco’s biggest attraction is its competitive pricing for groceries and the incredible range of commercial and private label brands it offers.

Further, Costco is one of the nation’s largest grocers, with a presence in all states except a few.

On the other hand, Maine is among the states many Americans are moving into for several reasons.

Moreover, Costco’s members from other states who have moved to Maine would wish to get their favorite products from the store they’re committed to.

Therefore, these are factors that may push Costco to work out plans to move to Maine.

Are There Stores Similar to Costco In Maine?

There are stores in Maine from which customers can get the sort of deals they would expect from Costco.

Costco’s unique selling point is that it offers its products at the most affordable prices in large volumes to a membership-based custom.

Therefore, its closest competitors in this regard include Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Additionally, Sam’s Club has about 24 outlets throughout Maine in such cities and towns as Scarborough, Augusta, Bangor, and Portland.

You can look up the nearest Sam’s Club in their online locater.

Furthermore, BJ’s Wholesale Club has outlets in Portland, Auburn, and Bangor. You can find the closest BJ’s by looking it up in their online locater.

Besides Sam’s Club and BJ’s, which operate on the same business premise as Costco’s, there are grocery stores that sell at prices comparable to Costco’s such as Target and Kroger.

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Costco has no presence in Maine but has previously expressed serious interest in expanding into the state. Therefore, Its customers there should stay hopeful yet!

In the meantime, they can shop from the nearest Costco just over 200 miles away or resort to Costco’s closest substitutes, Sam’s Club and BJ’s, and  Wholesale Club.

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