Is IKEA Coming To Oklahoma? [Potential Locations, Delivery + More]

Every day thousands of customers flock to IKEA stores, searching for stylish yet affordable furniture, appliances, and accessories.

There is speculation revolving around IKEA’s plans to expand, so you may be wondering if IKEA is coming to Oklahoma? Here is what I found out!

Is IKEA Coming To Oklahoma?

Unfortunately, IKEA has no officiated plans to extend into Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, or surrounding areas. IKEA typically operates stores in highly populated cities with over 2 million people. Since Oklahoma City has a population of around 700,000 people, it will be some time before IKEA opens a store.

To learn more about potential locations, nearest locations, and more, keep on reading!

Where Would IKEA Be Located In Oklahoma?

At present, IKEA has no plans to introduce a store anywhere within Oklahoma.

However, previous speculation predicted that Oklahoma City areas such as Memorial Road or nearby Chisholm Creek development areas would be likely locations.

Alternatively, Tulsa’s Metropolitan area has sustainable space for an IKEA store.

Why Isn’t There An IKEA In Oklahoma?

Much of IKEA’s profitable success is derived from effective store locations typically situated within close proximity cities and suburban districts.

Each store is based within densely populated areas that reach a fundamental requirement of 2 million people within a 40-60 mile radius.

Oklahoma State has under 4 million inhabitants with under 700,000 people situated within Oklahoma City. For this reason, IKEA may not deem Oklahoma as a profitable venture.

Neighboring State Texas, home to 5 IKEA stores, has a comparable population of 29 million. Each of these locations serves around 5,799,000 people indicating that Texas is a far more valuable investment.

Can You Get IKEA Furniture Delivered To Oklahoma?

Yes, IKEA’s delivery service caters to most U.S locations (including Oklahoma), even those without an IKEA store. However, if you live in an isolated area (like Alaska and Hawaii), we’d recommend calling customer service to confirm delivery.

There are over 10 IKEA regional distribution centers located across America, including Houston, Texas. Luckily, that is just one state over from Oklahoma, meaning deliveries shouldn’t be an issue.

The cost of delivery really depends on the weight of your order. Shipping fees start at just $5 for small items, increasing to $49 for heavier products.

Where Is The Nearest IKEA To Oklahoma?

IKEA is an excellent asset to any city that may bother Oklahoma’s areas that do not own one. However, Oklahoma is in a far better position than Hawaii or Alaska who has zero access to IKEA’s products.

In Oklahoma’s neighboring state, Texas, there are 5  IKEA stores to choose from. They are located within Houston, Frisco, Austin, and San Antonio. Frisco, Dallas is geographically closest to Oklahoma City, distanced at a 3-hour car drive.

IKEA stores offer plenty of parking spaces; however, it’s worth remembering you’ll need enough room in your vehicle to transport purchases.

Now, this may seem like a long journey, but alternative IKEA stores are located in Atlanta, Arizona, and Indianapolis, which could take you a whopping 12-14 hours to reach!

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No, unfortunately, IKEA has no plans to expand into the Oklahoma market as the state does not meet IKEA’s population requirements. However, Oklahoma residents can order furniture online or travel to the nearest store located in Frisco, Texas.

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