Is Safeway Gas Good? (Is It Top Tier, Who Makes It + More) 

Many grocery stores, such as Costco and Kroger, have branded fuelling stations for vehicles and larger rigs.  

So if you’re a Safeway customer, you may wonder about their fuel quality. If so, continue reading this article to see what I learned! 

Is Safeway Gas Good? 

Safeway gas is approved by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM) and is regarded as perfectly acceptable for drivers, even though it is not Top Tier gas. However, some Safeway customers have found the gas not to be as good when compared to gas as Shell, Esso Mobil, and other well-known brands. 

If you’d like to learn more about the quality of Safeway gas, where Safeway gas is sourced from, how it affects vehicles, and more, continue reading through this article for more helpful information.  

Is Safeway Gas Top Tier?

While browsing the Safeway website, there is no mention of whether or not its gas is Top Tier.

Additionally, according to the official Top Tier website, there is no mention of Safeway gas, so it is safe to assume that Safeway gas is not.

Instead, Safeway carries non-branded fuel, the difference being the quality of moisture control, compressor oil carryover, and sulfur.  

If a customer decides to purchase gas from Safeway, experienced drivers recommend refilling every other time at a top-tier gas station to maintain their vehicle’s fuel efficiency better.  

Gas stations that sell top tier fuel would be Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, Esso Mobil, and other name-brand gas stations.  

However, Safeway gas is a good option for driving within local distance, such as for fill-ups to and from a customer’s house or place of work, as customers won’t have to fill up their vehicles as often as truck drivers.  

What Type of Gas Does Safeway Sell?

Safeway currently sells regular, diesel, mid-grade, and premium gas fuel across both the United States and Canada.

This means most vehicles can fill up at Safeway gas stations, unlike other stations that sell other fuels exclusively, such as propane. 

Safeway gas prices are also generally quite reasonable, running between 139.9- 169.9C per liter, which is convenient for customers who only need to refill their vehicle to drive their car locally.  

Where Does Safeway Buy Their Gas From?

Where Does Safeway Buy Their Gas From?

According to one clerk at a Safeway gas station, many Safeway locations purchase their gas from tank farms such as Kinder Morgan.  

These farms use fewer additives in their fuel, reducing the cost of gas and lessening the possibility of harming the vehicle’s engine and clearing fuel injections.  

However, where Safeway gas stations purchase fuel depends on each store’s location.

In some areas, Safeway purchases its gas from the same companies as Shell and Chevron, such as Williams Refinery or Tesoro Refinery.  

If customers are concerned about the quality of Safeway’s fuel, there is a customer service number they can call to learn more about where their local Safeway outsources their gas.  

Does Safeway Gasoline Harm Vehicles?

According to varied sources, there is nothing to suggest that Safeway gasoline is harmful to vehicles. 

Because their fuel is generally free of extra additives that top-tier fuels contain, the fuel is less likely to harm a car’s engine.  

However, because their gasoline is cheaper, it is slightly lower quality. Safeway gas tends to burn faster due to this fact.

Therefore, customers have to refill more frequently, which can be problematic for taking long road trips or for individuals who drive trucks and rigs for a living.  

Due to gas burning quicker, drivers must keep a closer eye on their fuel tank while driving.

Therefore, its recommended that drivers attempt to regularly switch between Safeway gasoline and name-brand gasoline 

Where Can I Buy Top Tier Gasoline?

While Safeway may not carry top tier gasoline, several gas stations provide gasoline of higher quality, albeit at a potentially higher cost. A few of these gas stations are as follows: 


  • Chevron gas is known for being high quality, due to the fuel containing Techron. Techron is an additive that is created to protect vehicle engines from deposit buildup, which can cause complications in a vehicle’s performance.  
  • Techron also has a polyether-amine based chemistry which enables the engine to be cleaned and protected from the inside. 

Esso Mobil 

  • Esso Mobil is one of the most well known gas stations and has been around since the 1980s. They’re considered top tier due to their additive blend added to the fuel referred to as Mobile Synergy.  
  • They combine 9 different additives which contain detergents, a corrosion inhibitor and a friction modifier. These elements contribute greatly to vehicle performance.  


  • Shell is considered to carry top tier gas in their stations due to their gasoline’s protection against carbon deposit build up.  
  • Their gasoline has also been scientifically proven to increase and improve vehicle mileage.  
  • Shell gasoline also contains a cleaning system that cleans out intake valves and fuel injectors. This system also protects against further build up.

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Safeway gas, while decent and safe to use in vehicles, is not as high quality as name-brand gas.

Top-tier gas stations such as Shell, Esso Mobil, Chevron, and other brands use fuel that is more efficient, cleans out car engines and improves mileage.

Using Safeway gas exclusively is therefore not recommended for drivers taking long road trips or driving trucks and rigs for a living.

However, Safeway’s gas quality is a good and economical choice for drivers who only need fuel for local distance.

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