Is Uber Eats Free? (All You Need to Know)

Uber Eats has grown into one of the biggest food delivery services in the world with millions of users.

Services that grow to this size often have low charges or none at all and, if you’re wondering whether Uber Eats is also free, keep reading to see what we found out!

Is Uber Eats Free In 2024?

Uber Eats is free and you’ll only have to pay when you finally place an order in 2024. Aside from the price of the items you buy, there are secondary charges such as service fees. Uber Eats is free to sign up for as well as download both from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about what you pay on Uber Eats, including subscription fees, deals for certain groups and events, and more!

Does Uber Eats Charge a Monthly Fee?

Uber Eats charges a monthly fee if you’re a member of Eats Pass, a premium subscription service.

Uber Eats Pass is not free because it costs $9.99 a month. Members get the following benefits:

  1. Free delivery for orders over $15
  2. 5% off certain orders above $15
  3. Premium customer support
  4. Priority service in both Uber and Uber Eats
  5. $5 in Uber Cash if the estimated arrival time for orders is not accurate

Even in cases where Uber Eats Pass gets you free delivery, you’ll still have to pay other fees besides the money for the food, such as service charges.

Is Uber Eats Delivery Free?

Uber Eats delivery is not always free, but you can get delivery charges reduced or waived under certain circumstances.

As we’ve stated in the previous section, you can get free delivery from Uber Eats if you’re subscribed to Eats Pass and your order is worth at least $15.

Aside from this, some new users on Uber Eats could get their first few orders with no delivery fees, as we’ll discuss in the next section.

Uber Eats always has several discounts and other offers running at any time but almost none of them offer free delivery.

Most of them only give a certain percentage or amount off the price of the food only; delivery and other fees still apply.

Is Your First Uber Eats Free?

Your first order on Uber Eats isn’t free but sometimes new users get their first five orders with no delivery fees.

Like we said at the start, you’re always going to pay something when you place an order on Uber Eats and the best you can get is a discount either on the food or the additional charges.

For new users, Uber Eats also runs some offers that include getting a certain percentage or dollar amount off the first order using a code at checkout.

Is Uber Eats Free With Amazon Prime?

Is Uber Eats Free With Amazon Prime?

Uber Eats is not free with Amazon Prime because Uber and Amazon are separate companies with very few ties to each other.

However, you can get Uber Eats gift cards as well as branded merch such as hats, insulated food bags, and stickers, from Amazon.

Amazon Prime members get the following benefits:

  1. Free delivery on several items
  2. Ultrafast grocery delivery
  3. Prescription savings and delivery from Amazon Pharmacy
  4. Prime Video
  5. Prime Video Channels, including EPIX, NBA League Pass and Paramount+
  6. Amazon Prime Music for Prime members
  7. Amazon Music Unlimited at $8.99 a month for an individual plan
  8. Prime Gaming
  9. Amazon Kids+ at up to 40% off
  10. Unlimited photo storage and up to 5GB of video storage on Amazon Photos

Is Uber Eats Pickup Free?

Uber Eats pickup is free in that you won’t pay any delivery fees. Other charges such as service fees still apply.

For restaurants, however, Uber Eats pickup is not free because they still have to pay a 6% cut regardless of how much promotion they received on the platform.

Is Uber Eats Free for Restaurants?

Uber Eats is not free for restaurants, but they pay depending on the kind of service they receive on the platform.

Restaurants pay by giving up a cut of their earnings, determined by the plan they’re on:

  1. Lite – 15% for little promotion
  2. Plus – 25% for moderate promotion
  3. Premium – 30% for heavy promotion

If the restaurant uses Uber Eats’ couriers, they have to pay 25%, but this drops to 15% if they use their own delivery network.

Is Uber Eats Free for Drivers?

Uber Eats is mostly free for drivers because they don’t pay to sign up, and they also don’t have to give up a cut of their earnings.

Unfortunately, Uber Eats does not provide its drivers with equipment like food bags so they have to buy it for themselves.

Is Uber Eats Free for Students?

Uber Eats is not free for students, and neither does it have a student discount.

This is in reference to the food available through the platform, otherwise, Uber Eats is free to download and use until you place an order.

We’ve found traces of a student discount that was available on Uber Eats through StudentBeans, a service that tracks deals exclusively for students.

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Uber Eats is free to download, sign up for, and use outside the $9.99/month premium subscription- you only pay when you place an order. You can find some deals on Uber Eats that lower how much you pay, but you can never get an order fully for free.

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