Is UberGo Sharing? (All You Need to Know)

Uber has launched several different ride types and products in response to growing user needs, preferences and budgets.

That being said, it’s important for customers to know what options are available to them, so if you’ve heard of Uber Go and need to find out more, read on for more facts!

Is UberGo Sharing in [currentyear]?

UberGo isn’t sharing in the traditional sense of having to ride with strangers, but you can bring up to 3 other people with you in [currentyear]. UberGo can carry 4 riders and you get all seats when you request a ride. You can share a ride in an UberGo with a maximum of three people for the same price.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how UberGo handles sharing and more, including how it differs from UberPool and which kinds of cars it uses!

What Is the Difference Between UberGo and UberPool?

UberGo is different from UberPool in that Pool is shared while Go is not.

When you request an UberPool, you might have to ride with strangers, while in UberGo, it’s only you, the driver, and any additional passengers that you bring along.

Currently, UberPool only allows you to bring one other person with you on the ride, whereas UberGo lets you bring up to 3 other people.

Because it’s not shared, UberGo gives you more flexibility with regards to your pickup and drop-off locations, with the ability to change them during the trip.

On the other hand, UberPool might require you to walk more to the pickup or drop-off locations, and you can’t change them after you’ve confirmed to avoid inconveniencing the other riders.

Both UberGo and Pool could use the same vehicles, but there’s a chance that you could get a larger car when you request an UberPool.

Regardless of the size of the car, you can still only bring one person with you and, if you bring more, the drivers are instructed to cancel the trip and direct you to a different ride type.

Is UberGo the Same as Go Sharing?

UberGo is not the same as Go Sharing because the second is a separate company that allows users to share electric vehicles, including cars, e-bikes, and mopeds.

Go Sharing is from the Netherlands and has launched operations in different European countries, including Austria, Italy, Turkey, and Belgium.

Go Sharing is different from UberGo in that it allows users to get these vehicles and drive them on their own without relying on a driver.

Which Cars Are Used for UberGo?

Which Cars Are Used for UberGo?

UberGo uses compacts with four doors and five seats so the car can fit up to 4 passengers at a time, but larger vehicles are also eligible.

We went through the official list of approved vehicles for UberGo in one major city and they include the following:

  1. Audi A4
  2. Chevrolet – Aveo, Captiva, Cruze, Optra, Orlando, Sonic, Spark
  3. Ford – EcoSport, Fiesta, Figo, Focus, Fusion, Ikon
  4. Honda – Ballade, Accord, Amaze, BR-V, Brio, CBR, Civic, Jazz, Mobilio
  5. Hyundai – Accent, Elantra, Atos, Grand i10, Sonata, Tucson, Venue, i20, i30
  6. Kia – Cerato, Pegas, Picanto, Rio, Soluto, Sportage
  7. Maruti Suzuki Celerio
  8. Nissan – Almera, Livina, Micra, Sentra, Tiida
  9. Renault – Captur, Clio, Duster, Fluence, Sandero, Triber RXE
  10. Toyota – Agya, Auris, Avalon, Avanza, Prius, Starlet, Verso, Yaris

Note that this list isn’t exhaustive and is only meant to give you an idea of what goes as long as you meet the hard requirements.

Where Is UberGo Available?

UberGo is currently available in a few markets, namely major cities in Nigeria, South Africa, India, and Pakistan.

In these places, it was launched to provide customers a more affordable option if they couldn’t use UberX or Black.

What Is UberGo Used For?

UberGo is used for quick trips with solo riders or small groups of people with little to no luggage.

You might get a car larger than a compact when you request the ride,  but this is rare, so expect to travel in a smaller vehicle.

Taking this into account, we can determine that UberGo is good for the following situations:

  1. Work and school commutes where the passengers only carry things they can hold in their laps like backpacks and briefcases. This use case includes carpooling for up to 4 people to save costs
  2. Family rides over short distances for groups of up to 4, e.g., going to the park or a birthday party
  3. Nights out for small groups
  4. Grocery shopping for one where the rear seats can be folded down to accommodate the bags

What Is the Difference Between UberGo and UberX?

UberGo is generally a more affordable ride type than UberX because, in the markets where it’s available, it’s meant to be a cheaper alternative.

Both UberX and Go use vehicles with four doors and five seats, but Go is focused on fuel-efficient compacts to keep costs low.

UberX is the standard ride type so it’s available wherever Uber is, but Go is limited to select markets.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on Uber Pool, why is Uber so popular, and can you Uber with a rental car.


UberGo is only shared in the sense that you can bring up to 3 other people with you on the ride at no extra charge. It’s not shared the same way that UberPool is, where you might have to ride with strangers in the same car.

UberGo uses compacts with four doors and five seats, including the driver’s, so you can have a maximum of 4 passengers per trip. UberGo is currently available in limited markets, including India, South Africa, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

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