Kohl’s Complaints (How to Make One, Types of Complaints + Contact Info)

As an omnichannel retailer, Kohl’s serves its customers across several platforms. Therefore, it must have an integrated complaint resolution system for its customers.

Therefore, read on if you wish to know what this customer complaint resolution system is, how it works, and how efficient it is!

How Does the Kohl’s Customer Complaint Resolution System Work In [currentyear]?

Kohl’s customers can present their complaints by reporting to the store staff, calling customer care, and writing or contacting Kohl’s online in [currentyear]. Customers commonly complain about product quality and condition, misdelivery, staff attitude, overcharged credit cards, and unsatisfactory resolution of complaints. However, many reviews rate Kohl’s complaint resolution mechanism as largely ineffective.

Stay on to learn more about making your complaints to Kohl’s, what you can complain about, and how to contact Kohl’s management to present your complaint!

How Do I Complain About an Incident at Kohl’s In-Store?

All complaints that arise from in-store shopping or online transactions completed in-store can be reported to the Kohl’s employee that serves you.

The employee will resolve your complaint if it is straightforward, and if not, you can report to the store’s customer care or report to the store manager.

If the complaint is not solved, you can call customer care at the corporate office, and there is even a provision to make anonymous complaints if reporting a store employee.

Other avenues include writing to Kohl’s, emailing, or on Kohl’s social media platforms.

How Do I Complain About an Incident That Concerns Shopping Online at Kohl’s?

If you shopped online but picked your purchases in-store, you can lodge your complaint with the staff or manager for in-store shopping.

Otherwise, you can call customer care, note your claim on the contact us page on the Kohl’s website, send an email, or comment on Kohl’s social media pages.

You can also contact Kohl’s through its mail address.

How Do I Contact Kohl’s to Lodge a Complaint?

You can use the following Kohl’s contacts to lodge a complaint:

You can also send your complaint through the mail to the following:

Kohl’s, Inc

N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


Where Else Can I Complain About Kohl’s?

When Kohl’s internal complaint resolution mechanisms prove ineffective, the customer may resort to extraneous government and private modes.

Several government agencies, both at the federal and state levels, are dedicated to protecting consumer rights.

Some of the government agencies that protect consumers concerning the goods and services provided by Kohl’s include:

Besides the government agencies, complainants against Kohl’s can make their case on review sites.

Fear of possible negative press is often enough to stir Kohl’s into action.

Some review sites like Better Business Bureau offer to forward complaints to Kohl’s and follow up to resolve them quickly.

Customers also have the legal option if the complaint can sustain a cause of action worth prosecuting.

What Happens When You Lodge a Complaint at Kohl’s?

What Happens When You Lodge a Complaint at Kohl's?

Kohl’s has set procedures for dealing with customers’ complaints. However, these procedures follow this established industry standard:

  • The company intends to avoid antagonizing you and be as conciliatory as possible, without admitting to legal culpability.
  • When you make your complaint in person, and it is disputed, the complaint and subsequent proceedings will be logged.
  • Your complaint is automatically logged if you make it in writing, online, or otherwise. You receive a message that notifies you of the fact.
  • Within Kohl’s internal structures, your complaint is allocated to the appropriate personnel who gets in touch as soon as possible.
  • The employee takes the details of your claim and asks for any evidence if you have it.
  • Kohls then assesses the veracity of your claims, and responds accordingly.
  • The customer may receive an apology, an offer of amends, and a discount to conciliate them.
  • When you make your complaint, be as detailed and accurate as possible, and present what evidence you have as you make the complaint.

This way, your complaint can be handled faster and more adequately.

What Are Common Complaints Received by Kohl’s?

Most complaints at Kohl’s revolve around the company’s products, staff, transaction, and complaint resolution processes.

Here are some of the common complaints:

  • Customers claim that some of the items sold at Kohl’s are substandard, and are damaged easily, for instance, faux leather products and some jewelry items.
  • Kohl’s has been charged with misdelivery- either delivering the wrong items, or making an incomplete delivery and delaying or missing the delivery.
  • The services in some Kohl’s stores are slow because of a shortage of staff and, in some cases, a lack of discipline among staff.
  • Several customers complain that sometimes they are charged twice for the same item, or that Kohl fails to reverse the charge when they cancel an order.
  • Sometimes, the staff is rude, uncaring, or discomforting the customer by trailing them, which aggrieves customers so much.
  • The customer service, in instances, further frustrates customers by refusing to take down complaints, or lie about following up on the complaint.
  • The manager in-store will side with staff, dismiss the complaint, and unnecessarily antagonize the complainant.
  • Some of Kohl’s associations/ dissociations are unpopular with a particular demographic of its customers, which is a cause of disgruntlement.

How Effective Is Kohl’s Complaint Resolution System?

Unfortunately, Kohl has received a high number of negative reviews.

For instance, Hissing Kitty awards Kohl’s 1.69 stars, based on 349 complaints made on the review site.

Site Jabber‘s overall assessment of Kohl’s awards it 3.5 stars, mostly on its pricing and products, and less on its quality of customer service.

Trust Pilot awards Kohl’s 1.3 stars on complaint resolution, and notes that the retailer has not replied to complaints on its site for 12 months.

Further, Customer Services Scoreboard ranks Kohl’s 104 out of 995 retailers ranked by it with an overall score of 55.58/200 based on 275 ratings.

Specifically, Kohl’s managed a score of 2.9/10 on issue resolution, 3.7/10 on reachability and responsiveness, and 4.2/10 on the friendliness of its staff.

Overall, the verdict from reviewers about Kohl’s on the Customer Service Board is that its complaint resolution mechanism is mainly disappointing.

Additionally, Pissed Consumer awards Kohl’s 2.4 stars, and it ranks it at 60 out of 373 supermarkets and malls ranked on the site.

What Are Kohl’s Customer Service Hours?

You can contact Kohl’s at any time on email and social media pages, with average waiting times of 8 hours before a customer service representative gets back to you.

Otherwise, the regular customer service hours are Monday- Saturday from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM, and Sunday from 9:00 AM- 10:00 PM.

Kohl’s undertakes to respond to customers’ complaints within three days.

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Kohl’s avails several options for its customers to present their complaints though some find their solutions unsatisfactory.

 Such customers have the added option of airing their grievances on review sites or making their case with consumer protection agencies or the law.

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