Lost IKEA Card (What To Do + Other Common Questions)

Along with its huge variety of products and reasonable prices, IKEA offers an exclusive membership card for customers to gain additional discounts, rewards, and benefits.

However, what happens if you’ve lost your IKEA membership card? Can you still access all the deals and discounts? Here is everything I’ve found out through my research!

Lost IKEA Card (What To Do)

Customers who have lost or forgotten the IKEA Family membership card can still use the card by accessing its digital number to qualify for deals. Additionally, IKEA customers can print off a temporary Family Card, which can be presented in-store. IKEA card numbers can also be found when logging into your IKEA account.

If you want to learn more about the perks offered in IKEA’s Family membership, how long a family card is valid for, and much more, keep reading!

What Do You Do If You Forget Your IKEA Family Card?

The IKEA Family program members don’t need to worry if they forget their cards during a shopping spree.

Customers can print off a temporary IKEA Family card from one of the yellow IKEA Family kiosks before arriving at the checkout.

After that, simply scan the barcode on the paper or type in the number to access your IKEA Family discounts during checkout.

Remember that you should get rid of this temporary card once you are done shopping.

How Can You Find Out Your IKEA Family Card Number?

Finding your IKEA Family card number is easy when you know where to look.

Access your digital card by signing into your online membership profile and viewing your Family card, or check your latest IKEA Family newsletter email for the number.

If you are in-store, simply head to one of the yellow IKEA Family kiosks and use the digital screen to sign in with your username and password to access your IKEA Family card number.

Alternatively, if you have the IKEA smartphone application, log onto your IKEA Family account there and view your saved digital card whenever you need it.

How Long Does An IKEA Family Card Last?

How Long Does An IKEA Family Card Last?

An IKEA Family card needs to be renewed each year, as it is an annual membership.

This also applies to any IKEA Family points accrued or saved discounts, as they will expire within one year of your initial signup.

What Happens If You Lose Your IKEA Family Card?

Any customers who lose their IKEA Family card can easily get it replaced via email, by visiting a nearby store, or online.

To replace your card with a digital one for Apple, Android, or Samsung mobile wallets, use the “Add a card” feature at the bottom of any of your IKEA Family newsletters.

If you want to get a replacement in-store, go to one of the IKEA Family kiosks and log in with your information. You can then choose to have your replacement sent either by text or email.

Alternatively, to replace your card online, visit IKEA.com/lookup and enter your information to access a digital copy of your card.

Other than these methods, you can also scan the QR code at checkout, leading you to an online replacement portal.

What Is The IKEA Card?

IKEA’s membership card is known as the IKEA Family card.

This membership is free to sign up for and can easily be acquired online at IKEA.com or in your local IKEA store by using one of the dedicated digital terminals for the IKEA Family.

What Does The IKEA Family Card Do?

The IKEA Family card gives membership holders access to special deals, emailed tips, and free perks when shopping at IKEA.

Along with that, IKEA Family members also get access to several free perks, including the following:

  • Exclusive Member Newsletters
  • Free Tea or Coffee in the IKEA Café
  • Free In-Store Workshops
  • Happy Birthday Surprise Gift from IKEA
  • Members Only Events

Family members can also shop and make returns easier via IKEA’s 90-day price protection guarantee and by having receipts saved to their membership profile.

Similarly, customers part of the IKEA Family membership can enter a monthly prize draw for a $100 IKEA gift card by scanning their card at checkout or entering via an IKEA store kiosk.

Other than that, shoppers with young children might find the extra 30 minutes of playtime at IKEA’s supervised child play area, Småland, a relief when they sign up for IKEA’s Family card.

Does The IKEA Family Card Give Discounts?

The IKEA Family membership does offer a variety of special sales and discounts.

Members are eligible for discounts on a range of products and services available at IKEA including kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and bedroom goods.

To learn more about shopping at IKEA, you can see our guides on the IKEA Family Card, if IKEA has sales, and why IKEA shipping is so expensive.


IKEA’s free annual membership offers great deals, perks, and exclusive sales all year round. IKEA Family cardholders are also able to save receipts and purchase information for later returns.

If members lose or forget their card, they have fast access to it digitally through IKEA’s smartphone app or in-store kiosks to ensure they can always get the discounts offered.

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