Lowe’s Employee Discount (Benefits, Who Can Use, Products, Other Stores + More)

Lowe’s is known as a great employer, and with over 2,000 stores in North America, there are often plenty of job openings at the company.

If you’re considering applying to Lowe’s, you’ll want to know what benefits are available to staff—especially the employee discount! But does Lowe’s offer an employee discount, and if so, what’s the policy? I looked into the matter, and here’s what I found out!

Does Lowe’s Have an Employee Discount?

Lowe’s offers all staff a 10% employee discount. This discount can be used in-store and on Lowe’s website and is available on all products, including sale items. Also, Lowe’s is known to boost its employee discount to 20% during the holiday season. In addition, Lowe’s employees receive access to deals from other retailers.

But what are the specific terms of Lowe’s employee discount? Read on to find out more, including who it’s available to and if you can use it alongside other promotions!

Where Can Lowe’s Employee Discount Be Used?

Lowe’s employee discount can be used both online and in any of its physical stores.

When shopping in-store, simply scan your employee discount card at the checkout, and the 10% off is automatically applied to your purchase total.

Also, the employee discount can be redeemed when shopping on Lowes.com. To do this, you’ll need to sign in to your online profile and enter your employee discount card details into the ‘My Benefits Card’ section.

Once your employee discount card is connected to your account, the 10% discount will be automatically applied whenever you make a purchase online.

What Products Can You Buy With the Lowe’s Employee Discount?

You can use your Lowe’s employee discount on products across all departments; there are not known to be any exclusions.

However, the only time this may differ is when buying Special Order Items (SOI).

Before purchasing these items, check with your store manager to see if they’re eligible for an employee discount.

Is Lowe’s Employee Discount Available To All Staff Members?

Yes, all Lowe’s staff are entitled to the employee discount, including part-time and full-time retail staff and corporate employees. With that, all employees receive the same deal (10% off).

Unlike other businesses, new staff members don’t have to wait before receiving their employee discount. From their first day at Lowe’s, employees are eligible for the deal and can start saving!

If you have just started at Lowe’s and are yet to receive your employee discount, make sure you let the HR department know.

Can Family Members Use Lowe’s Employee Discount?

Can Family Members Use Lowe's Employee Discount?

Only the employee’s spouse or significant other is allowed to use their discount at Lowe’s.

Unfortunately, this prevents all other family members and close friends from using the employee discount.

Additionally, abuse of the employee discount with friends and extended family is strongly discouraged, as it will likely lead to repercussions.

That said, nothing is stopping you from buying the items on your friends’ behalf and giving them to the person later.

Buying products for friends and family is a viable option, mainly because there’s no cap on the number of purchases or savings you can make using your Lowe’s employee discount.

Is Lowe’s Employee Discount Available On Sale Items?

Yes, Lowe’s employee discount can be used on items that are already on sale. Unless stated otherwise, no exclusions apply on promotional items.

Purchasing sale items with your employee discount is a great way to maximize your savings.

For example, an item already reduced by 30% on Black Friday would be eligible for another 10% off with the employee discount.

Can Lowe’s Employee Discount Be Used With Other Types Of Discounts?

In some cases, the Lowe’s employee discount can be used alongside other types of store discounts to stack up savings.

If you have a military discount, you’ll be able to use this with your employee discount on Veterans Day and Memorial Day weekend, and the two deals would combine to give you 20% off!

Do Lowe’s Employees Receive Any Other Types Of Discounts?

Besides discounts on Lowe’s products, Lowe’s employees also receive access to various savings from other businesses as part of the Lowe’s Associate Discount Program.

The Lowe’s Associate Discount Program is a marketplace that offers savings on cell phone plans, vacations, restaurants, hotels, and many other products and services.

However, these savings are only available to Lowe’s employees and can be accessed online using your personal nine-digit sales ID number.

According to Lowe’s, employees can save around $4,900 per year using the program!

What Other Benefits Do Lowe’s Employees Receive?

Discounts aren’t the only benefit of working with Lowe’s, as the company offers its staff many other competitive employment benefits.

Some of these employee benefits and perks include:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Life and disability insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Education support programs
  • No-cost counseling
  • Adoption assistance
  • Maternity and parental leave

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