Lowe’s Student Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways to Save)

As a leading hardware retailer, Lowe’s offers competitive prices on desirable products to keep customers returning. One of the ways Lowe’s does this is by offering various discounts to shoppers to help them save money.

If you’re a fan of Lowe’s, you may be wondering if they are able to offer a student discount. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have learned about Lowe’s student discount.

Lowe’s Student Discount

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not offer a student discount within their stores, online, or on the app. However, Lowe’s does offer other ways for students to save, including price matching, coupons, and other discounts. Other retailers such as BestBuy, Amazon, and Target are able to offer a student discount.

For more information on Lowe’s student discount, including why they do not offer it, what other discounts they do offer, and how you can save money at Lowe’s, then keep reading this article!

What Other Discounts Does Lowe’s Offer?

While Lowe’s cannot offer student discounts, the hardware retailer frequently offers other discounts, including coupons and price matching, to help give customers the best prices.

Some of the discounts Lowe’s offers include First Responder and Military discounts of 10% off eligible purchases in-store.

To register for these discounts, Lowe’s requires you to verify your status as a First Responder or Military Personnel, often through the third-party website ID.me.

Once Lowe’s has confirmed your status, they will email you a coupon for 10% off that you can use in-store, online, or on the app.

Lowe’s is also able to offer a form of teacher discount, which provides no sales tax on eligible purchases.

To receive a teacher discount at Lowe’s, you must provide your school ID information with tax-exempt paperwork at checkout and purchase with school funds.

How Can I Save Money at Lowe’s as a Student?

How Can I Save Money at Lowe's?

Another way to save money at Lowe’s is to take advantage of their regular discounts and offers.

Lowe’s often provides coupons and price reductions through their weekly ads or emails, so signing up to be notified can help you save.

Additionally, Lowe’s is also able to help customers who sign up to their Credit Centre save money. For example, Lowe’s Advantage Card holders can save customers 5% on eligible purchases every time they shop.

Lowe’s is also able to price match with other competitors, such as Home Depot and Ace Hardware, on identical items. To receive a price match, simply provide Lowe’s with proof of a lower price at a competitor, and the price will be reduced.

Where Other Than Lowe’s Can I Get a Student Discount?

While Lowe’s is unable to offer student discounts, there are several similar retailers that have discounts and offers for students. Using websites such as ID.me or finding lists of stores with student discounts can help you save.

Lowe’s central competitor Home Depot also does not provide student discounts within their stores, as well as Ace Hardware.

Retailers that can offer student discounts include Target, which can give students 15% off on full-price items within the store and online. To receive a student discount from Target, you must create an account at Target.com and verify your student status.

BestBuy is also able to offer various student discounts, including the percentage or dollar amounts off of their products. You can browse for Student Deals on the Best Buy website as a way to save money.

While Costco is a membership retailer, they do offer students incentives and discounts to join. Costco can give a free Google Nest Mini and a $20 gift card when students purchase an annual membership online.

Similarly, the membership retailer Sam’s Club can give students who purchase their membership a $15 gift card to be used. You must verify your student status using the Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership Program to be eligible.

Some retailers, such as Overstock, do not offer monetary discounts but can give free shipping and returns, as well as 5% rewards on purchases.

The online retailer Amazon is able to offer students exclusive college deals, as well as half-price Prime membership through Prime Student. The Amazon Prime membership comes with a six-month free trial following verification.

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