Lowe’s Teacher Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways Teachers Can Save)

Lowe’s is a great hardware retailer for those requiring services or products for DIY or commercial projects. The competitive prices offered by Lowe’s and regular discounts ensure repeat visitors and customer loyalty.

Teachers may be wondering if Lowe’s can offer a teacher discount within its stores to help educators save money. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve learned about Lowe’s teacher discount!

Lowe’s Teacher Discount

Lowe’s offers teachers a teacher discount in the form of no sales tax. To receive this discount at Lowe’s, teachers need tax-exempt paperwork and must purchase items with school funds. However, the teacher discount at Lowe’s is only valid in stores and cannot be used online.

For more information about teacher discounts at Lowe’s, including how you can get it, how else you can save money at Lowe’s, and which retailers similar to Lowe’s offer teacher discounts, keep reading!

Does Lowe’s Have a Teacher Discount?

While Lowe’s does not offer teacher discounts in the form of money deducted from eligible purchases, it does offer teacher discounts by allowing no sales tax on purchases in its stores.

With that, the teacher discount at Lowe’s is valid all year round. However, teachers must come equipped with tax-exempt paperwork and make purchases with school funds.

How Do I Get a Teacher Discount at Lowe’s?

How Do I Get A Teacher Discount At Lowe's?

To get a teacher discount at Lowe’s, you will need to visit your local Lowe’s store, as you cannot use the teacher discount on the Lowe’s website. 

To receive the discount, teachers must have a tax-exempt form that has their school’s tax ID number at the register.

Additionally, teachers will need to make their purchase from Lowe’s using school funds to be eligible for the discount.

How Else Can I Save Money at Lowe’s as a Teacher?

As well as using teacher discounts at the register, Lowe’s offers a range of deals, savings, and competitive prices to help educators save money while shopping.

For example, applying for a Lowe’s Credit Card, such as an Advantage Card, can help shoppers save 5% on eligible purchases at Lowe’s.

Also, shoppers can peruse the Lowe’s website for regular discounts and clearances.

Moreover, the Lowe’s Rebate Center offers a partial refund on eligible purchases, which can be a great way to find offers tailored to your local area.

Finally, Lowe’s regularly gives away coupons to help shoppers save money in-store and online, which can be accessed by signing up for Lowe’s mailing list.

What Other Stores Offer a Teacher Discount?

As well as Lowe’s, several other retailers offer teacher discounts to help educators save.

For example, Lowe’s central competitor Home Depot allows educators to avoid sales tax as long as they have the proper tax-exempt paperwork.

Additionally, Michaels gives teachers 15% off valid purchases with a school ID, and JoAnn Fabrics gives a 15% discount to educators who are part of the Teacher Rewards Membership.

Some of the other stores that provide teachers with store discounts and savings include:

  • Hancock Fabrics (give teachers a 15% discount with a valid school ID)
  • Staples (offers teachers 10% back in rewards on eligible purchases)
  • Crayola (Gold Star Teacher program has deals and opportunities to try new products)
  • Target (Target Circle Rewards program offers teachers with discounts)

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