McDonald’s Complaints Australia (How-to Make One, Types of Complaints + Contact Info)

McDonald’s is a renowned world brand of fast-food restaurants, occupying the most significant part of market segmentation in Australia.

However, to maintain the restaurant’s reputation, McDonald’s must enhance customer satisfaction by having a reliable complaint department. So, jere is everything you need to know about McDonald’s complaints in Australia!

How Does McDonald’s Australia Handle and Receive Complaints In [currentyear]?

McDonald’s Australia has a system that allows its customers or staff to lodge complaints. This system is composed of a direct toll-free number, Emails, Customer Care Service, Social media platforms, and the company’s website contact forms in [currentyear]. Unfortunately, review sites have awarded McDonald’s poor ratings regarding effectiveness in handling complaints.

To know more about the system on how McDonald’s Australia handles and receives complaints, the types of common complaints made against McDonald’s Australia, and much more, read on!

What Are Common Complaints Made Against McDonald’s Australia?

  • Violation of Employee’s rights. A good number of McDonald’s workers have lodged complaints about sexual harassment and gender-based violence.
  • Low-quality products. Some customers have complained of food poisoning, pointing at the bad food quality.
  • Poor service delivery. Customers complain about getting served cold foods and some dry food against what they ordered.
  • Long waits at the Drive-thru, as it take more than the estimated time of 3 min waiting period. Instead, customers take up to 10 mins or even more.
  • Complex Menu. The new menu items are a burden on employees and franchisees since the menu is overloaded, causing long waits and being too expensive for the Franchisees.
  • Exploitation of Young Workers; McDonald’s Australia has been accused of subjecting young employees to extra duties with long working hours against the work policy.
  • Poor leadership. Some branches, such as McDonald’s Western Cape, have disappointed customers in the past due to poor leadership style.

How Can I File a Complaint to McDonald’s Australia?

For incidents in the restaurant, customers can complain of the staff to the manager.

If you don’t receive satisfactory assistance, you can contact the McDonald’s Australia head office using the Customer Service Number: (02) 9875 6666.

In the unlikely event that your complaint is not resolved after making the direct call, you can choose to make a personal visit to the customer care desk or send an email.

You can also visit the company website, click on “Contact Us,” and access an online form where you can register your complaint.

More importantly, you should read McDonald’s AU Private Policy and Terms & Conditions before submitting any concern to the team.

While making complaints, one should strive to be precise and straight to the matter without meandering for effective results.

What Are the Checklists When Filing a Complaint to McDonald’s Australia?

The company allows any customer to submit a formal complaint to McDonald’s Australia RTO in writing. Complaints must have the following checklists:

  • Submission date of complaint
  • Name of complainant
  • Nature of complaint
  • Date of the event which leads to the complaint
  • Any other relevant information or attachments (if applicable)

Can McDonald’s Australia Collect Personal Information About Its Customers Without Consent?

Can McDonald’s Australia Collect Personal Information About Its Customers Without Consent?

McDonald’s acknowledges the trust with which you’ve shared your personal information.

Therefore, unless with the exception as defined in the privacy policy, the safety of your information with the company is assured.

How Can I Contact McDonald’s Australia?

You reach the company using the following contacts:

How Can I Contact the McDonald’s Australia Regional Office?

You can use the following specific information as per region to contact the McDonald’s Australia regional office:

  • Victorian Regional Office: 2 Smith St, COLLINGWOOD VIC 3066
  • Phone: (03) 94185555
  • Fax: (03) 94185595
  • Queensland Regional Office: 1364 Gympie Road Aspley,
  • PHONE: (07) 3838 6000
  • Fax: (07) 3630 3999
  • South Australian Region Office: 36 Bank St, Adelaide 5000
  • Phone: (08) 82210 5100
  • Fax: (08) 82105188
  • Western Australian Regional Office: 18 Lyall St, Ascot WA 6104
  • Phone: (08) 94755999
  • Fax: (08) 94755900

What Has McDonald’s Australia Done to Safeguard Its Staff and Customer Relationships?

The Company came up with a document called Respectful Workplace Policy to enhance a positive working environment in its restaurants.

The document elaborates issues such as its application, unacceptable working behaviors, victimization, unlawful harassment, conflict resolution mechanism, and many more.

How Effective Is McDonald’s Australia in Handling Complaints?

Unfortunately, customers and workers have negatively reviewed McDonald’s Australia on the Complaints Board.

This indicates that McDonald’s Australia performs dismally in terms of service provision and resolving complaints raised against it.

The restaurant has not been rated highly on other review sites, either.

For instance, Trustpilot rates McDonald’s Australia “poor” with 2.3 stars. The results were attained after analyzing 24 reviews.

To know more, you can also read our posts on McDonald’s complaints UK, McDonald’s complaints, and if McDonald’s is an ethical company.


McDonald’s Australia strives to maintain its iconic nature of successfully leading in the fast-food industry by establishing various mechanisms unsatisfied customers can use to launch complaints.

The major avenues for reporting cases against the company include direct phone calls, emailing, filling the complaint forms, and social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

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  1. I went to McDonald’s Lyndhurst II VIC yesterday 14/05/2022 at 12:51:30 and purchased 3 items, 24 nuggets, small fries and large coke. Order number 89, with table service.
    I had to wait about 10 minutes for my order and when it was ready I had to collect it MYSELF from the counter that had coffee spilt in different places all over it, when I go up to collect it I had to request the drink I had purchased and pointed out it was supposed to be table service and they were supposed to bring it to me, they were not happy I pointed this out. They also said hold on I will get your drink with me replying I’m sitting over there table 59, you can bring it, which they actually did.
    I had to take the drink back as it didn’t taste correct. After waiting about 5 minutes at the counter with 3 staff members standing where the orders are ready chatting (two actually looked like a managers) I had to call one over and tell her that the drink tasted wrong, she decided to remove the lid and try it herself in full view of other customers waiting for their orders. She replaced it with a fresh drink that tasted no better than the original as they didn’t try to rectify the problem at all, just gave me a new one that had been pre-made as it took here about 1 second to get it, warm and I gather from the same line.
    The restraunt was a mess as all the bins were overflowing and the tables were dirty and only a few of the touch screen order kiosks were working.
    From this experience it looks like I will not be returning to any of your restraunts any time soon.
    P.S. my wife ordered a crispy deluxe that had no tomato on it.

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