Meijer SodaStream Exchange (Do They Have One + Alternative Stores)

SodaStream adds a luxurious sparkle to your drinking water that is indispensable once you get used to it. You should secure for yourself a steady source of supply.

If you want to know whether you can exchange your SodaStream at Meijer when you run out and how much it would cost you, read on!

Can I Get A SodaStream Exchange At Meijer In 2024?

SodaStream canisters can be exchanged at Meijer for around $29.99 or more for a 60-liter cylinder as of 2024. Though the exchange rates are a bit pricey, the canister gives sparkling water for a long time, making it worth the price. You can also do SodaStream exchanges at other retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

Please read on if you would like to know more about exchanging your SodaStream canister at Meijer or alternative locations!

Can I Exchange My SodaStream At Meijer?

Yes, you can exchange your SodaStream canisters at Meijer for canisters of a similar size. With that, you can have the spare or exchange canister when you bring your empty ones.

How Much Does It Cost To Exchange Canisters At Meijer?

The spare carbonator canister and exchange canister cost $29.99 apiece, sometimes available in-store only.

However, these prices and any attendant promotions may vary from location to location and on

Where Else Can I Do SodaStream Exchanges?

Many retail stores, online and offline, will exchange SodaStream carbonator canisters.

To do so, simply hand over your empty canisters at the store for refilled ones.

Further, some retailers that provide this service include:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Kohls
  • Best Buy
  • com
  • Mercari

Additionally, you can find a store that will exchange your SodaStream canister through SodaStream’s store locater.

Also, you can buy a SodaStream carbonator on the SodaStream’s website, where you have to hand in your empty canister at a nearby store within 30 days post-purchase. 

How Much Will It Cost To Exchange My SodaStream Canister At Alternative Stores?

How Much Will It Cost To Exchange My SodaStream Canister At Alternative Stores? Meijer

The cost of a SodaStream exchange is usually about half that of buying a new one. All you are paying for is a refill, as you already have the canister.

Moreover, the prices listed here are merely representative of how they stand:

  • SodaStream: $14.99 ($8 if you buy two online)
  • Walmart: $14.96
  • Target: $16.95
  • Best Buy: $14.99
  • Amazon: $15.00 ($8 if you buy two)

Additionally, keep in mind that these prices are for a 60 Liter cylinder.

What SodaStream Products Can I Buy At Meijer?

You can buy several products from Meijer to go with your SodaStream carbonator.

For instance, you can buy a SodaStream Sparkling Water Making Machine like the Misty Blue Terra or Fizzi One Touch Black.

Also, you can buy from a variety of SodaStream drink mixes, such as the Cola, Lemon Lime, Orange, Diet Cola, Root Beer, and any Bubly mixes.

Will Meijer Deliver My SodaStream Exchange To My Home?

Meijer offers delivery and pick-up services to its customers. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect your SodaStream exchange to be delivered to your home.

Besides, most of the alternative stores offer deliveries and pick-ups as well. So, if you purchase an exchange from SodaStream online from Meijer, it will be delivered to you.

Can I Buy A Different Brand Of Carbonator For My SodaStream Machine At Meijer?

You may be tempted to do so, but it is not recommended.

That said, another brand of carbonator may work with your machine but remember that the SodaStream system is designed to work together for optimum performance.

Essentially, it’s always best to use the right brand of SodaStream products for the best results.

When Can I Visit Meijer To Exchange My SodaStream Carbonator?

You can visit Meijer to exchange your SodaStream carbonator exchange at any time of the day.

Still, it is essential to keep in mind that deliveries, pick-ups, and in-store transactions can only be done during Meijer’s working hours.

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Meijer customers can get their refill on SodaStream carbonators from several of the retailers’ stores and online. However, they should call ahead as it tends to run out.

Other than at Meijer, other retailers also exchange SodaStream carbonators either in-store or online that customers can take advantage of.

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